shower space

Open or closed shower, wall, shower tray, Envie de bain advisers will guide you to choose the shower perfectly suited to your needs. The point before you take the plunge.
Thinking well about your project starts with thinking about the space in which the shower will fit. Before any choice of design, take into account the evacuation constraints and the accesses which will determine the positioning and the type of shower.

The info to remember: Envie de salle de bain offers a wide range of showers to meet all space configurations, in standardized or custom sizes.

Open or closed shower
Open shower set, 716 euros. Alterna at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom?

The shower is not positioned at random

The different layout possibilities depend on the configuration of the room and the water inlets. The shower can thus be positioned against a single wall, especially if the size of the room allows it. By placing it at an angle or even ‘in a niche’, that is to say, between 3 walls, you optimize the available space and create very distinct areas in the bathroom. To think about especially for small surfaces.

Good to know: the room is quirky? Is the bathroom in the loft? Turn to the tailor-made solutions offered by Envie de bain. In this case, the shower is made to the millimeter to fit perfectly into your space.

The shower is not positioned at random
Concerto shower, 518.53 euros. Alterna at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom

Choosing the right shower screens

Depending on your needs, you can then choose between a closed shower (by one or more walls) which preserves privacy, or an open shower (without walls or with only one wall), ideal for people with reduced mobility, because of easy access.

If you want a closed shower, you must then determine the type of walls, pivoting, swinging, folding or even sliding … And here again, the space criterion is fully in play. Thus, the sliding door, with one or more shutters, is particularly recommended in a small bathroom because it does not require any clearance, just like the folding door.

If the bathroom is large, you can set your sights on a swing door (single or double-wall) or a pivot door. Their main asset? Wide access to the shower for more comfortable use.

Choosing the right shower screens
Shower C Design front access, sliding door. 533 euros. Alterna at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom

A personalized shower

Head for the shower of your dreams. There are many wall decorations to suit all tastes. Screen-printed, the door will preserve privacy, for a resolutely decorative and modern shower. The transparent wall brings a clean side to the shower. The trick? The two-in-one product, the mirror wall, combines an ice part and an opaque part.

Finally, the ultra-trendy glass roof has entered the bathroom. Discover in the Envie de bain ranges, walls with a metal frame, which brilliantly surf on the industrial style.

Good to know: to personalize your shower, even more, Envie de bain also offers profiles in many finishes.

A personalized shower
New Wave open shower, glass roof, 1614 euros. Jacob Delafon at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom

The receiver plays the design

Small detour through the collection of shower trays, a must for the proper functioning of the shower. The latter can be placed on the ground, recessed for level access, or even tiled, an aesthetic and fully customizable solution. Its material is also important: in acrylic, the light and non-slip tray are available in many sizes while in ceramic, it shows excellent resistance over time.

Good resistance also for synthetic resin recipients. A decorative solution with wooden, concrete, or slate-look receivers also has the advantage of being easily cut to size for a version close to made-to-measure.

The receiver plays the design
Daily’o receiver, 432 euros. Alterna at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom

Ready-to-install bathroom envy solutions

Make your life easier by choosing an integral shower enclosure. Offered in many shapes and sizes, this turnkey solution guarantees quick and easy installation.

Going from the bathtub to the shower is also possible without any constraint with Envie de bain. Wall cladding, shower tray, and combined walls, everything is taken into account to imagine the shower adapted to your space. All installed in just one day, for top-of-the-range service.

Ready to install bathroom envy solutions
Concerto shower cabin, with hydromassage system. 1159.67 euros. Alterna at Envie de bain.Want a bathroom