Teenage Girl Bedroom Dream Bedrooms for Your Teenager

With adolescence, tastes begin to assert themselves. But there you go… a girl’s teenage bedroom, it’s not just a question of decor! It is essential that the space is well organized. Two essentials are essential: the wardrobe or the dressing room and, above all, an office area dedicated to studies. How about an extra bed for sleepovers? If you’re running out of ideas, here’s a selection of functional and inspired teenage bedrooms!

1 – Blue flower, a little, a lot… but not too much!

Blue flower a little a lot… but not too muchFor a romantic bedroom without overdoing it, you learn to measure its effects. Floral wallpaper, yes. But with sleek contemporary furniture. The good idea? The canopy which contrasts nicely with the wall covering.

2 – Operation Do It Yourself!

Operation Do It YourselfThe good idea in a teenage girl’s room? The reading corner, which will not fail to also serve for confidences between girlfriends! And why not make it out of recycled materials? An easy DIY, for a 100% unique decoration!

3 – Girlie atmosphere

Girlie atmosphereA touch of pink, a tiny hint of gold, a golden carpet… and now your teen’s bedroom takes on the look of a modern boudoir. We love the 2 in 1 spirit of the decorative boxes, which offer generous storage, or the chest ottoman turned into a bedside table!

4 – From the height!

From the heightA sleeping area, a relaxation area, a work area … to structure the space of a teenager’s room and make the most of it, we rely on smart furniture! Like this bed, which allows you to gain height … and to cram a lot of things!

5 – Minimalist and functional

Minimalist and functionalIs your teenager looking for himself? Rather than investing in a complicated decor, use the accessories: curtains and well-chosen bed linen are enough to give a room a makeover at will. We love the headboard equipped with storage: discreet and efficient!

6 – Fashion Addict?

fashion addict

If your daughter has a weakness for shopping, the dressing room is a must! Not forgetting a generous space reserved for shoes … The idea to steal: pretty walls that highlight the white furniture.

7 – Mini-suite

Mini suiteA strategically placed shelf is enough to transform a teenager’s bedroom into a real mini-suite, structured into 3 distinct spaces: sleeping area, dressing room and office. The trick? Choose a model with dimensions adapted to those of the room, so as not to weigh it down.

8 – Mini-space, maxi effect

Mini space maxi effectA beautiful and functional teenage bedroom in a small space? Challenge accepted ! To achieve your effect, simply exploit the height under the ceiling!

9 – A custom-made mezzanine bed

A custom made mezzanine bedTo give character to the room without overloading the space, we introduce color in small touches. Here, a pretty lilac and an essence of bleached wood, and here is a bright and girlie teen bedroom without overdoing it.

10 – Cozy cocoon

Cozy cocoonIs your teenager addicted to decoration? Help her create a trendy and cozy space. Discreet storage – the headboard is your best ally! – light colors… we tend to let loose on the bed linen: duvets, throws, and pillows!

11 – Music!

MusicFor a decoration that looks like no other, nothing beats recycling! Old vinyls salvaged from the attic and transformed into wall decorations, and now your teenager’s room turns into a pop-star setting!

12 – Well-chosen accessories!

Well chosen accessoriesFor the decoration, we leave the children’s department and we start to dig in the side of adults. Safe bets? Vintage-inspired furniture and cushions that bring a playful and cozy touch to the room.

13 – To grow gently

To grow gentlyIn small spaces, the loft bed is not the only option. Here is a perfect handset, with functional storage and a well-thought-out space to work. Pre-teens will fall for its tender color!

14 – Hacienda Spirit

Hacienda SpiritTerribly trendy, rattan furniture should be handled with care. If it fits perfectly in a teenager’s bedroom, it asks to be awakened by accessories and well-chosen fabrics. We love this print that is both fresh and mischievous.

15 – One bedroom, two teenagers

One bedroom two teenagersDifficult to agree with two teenage girls who share the same room. Good news: you don’t have to! A clear break between two worlds turns out to be a winning bias. In this teenage room, half angel, half little devil, the two spaces are complementary.

16 – An extra bed

An extra bedNot only is it decorative, but a bench can also combine a reading area and an extra bed. The best, so that your teenager can entertain a girlfriend!

17 – The bohemian

The bohemianA hint of color that will wake up a bedroom with a total white look? Good idea! Especially when embroidery and material effects breathe a little bohemian air into the room!

18 – Chrisalide

ChrisalideNeutral and bright wall covering and Scandinavian furniture enhanced with a touch of pastel color: a childhood scent still floats on this pretty room, made to evolve to the rhythm of your daughter. From preteen to a young girl, all you have to do is adapt the accessories to your liking.

19 – Contemporary and practical

Contemporary and practicalTwo beds in a small room? Nothing could be simpler: just opt ​​for a modular room, equipped with retractable beds. The top for two teenagers, or so that your daughter can entertain a girlfriend for a weekend.

20 – Scandinavian inspiration

Scandinavian inspirationCozy and warm, this room with Scandinavian accents is full of poetry. Simple and efficient.

21 – Country spirit

Country spiritFurniture with worked curves, tempered by bed linen with a contemporary graphic print and sublimated by a minimalist decor: the dosage is perfect.

22 – Organic

OrganicRaw materials, beautiful plants, and, above all, an ultra-cozy bed… For the older ones, here is a zen and soothing space, where it is good to unwind… especially during exams!

23 – On a cloud

On a cloudThe slightly raised bed can accommodate storage and an extra bed. The module that acts as a bedside also slides underneath, to save space. A colorful garland wakes up the walls, the blue of which is conducive to rest and concentration. Nothing to say: this teenage bedroom has any good.

24 – The Murphy bed: this must-have!

The Murphy bed this must haveDoes your teenager’s bedroom have lots of space? The Murphy bed, this must-have, is also available in a 2-seater version.

25 – Spirit Gypsie

Spirit GypsieHere, the star is the colorful wardrobe with the Gypsie spirit. All the decor revolves around this room of character. To sublimate it, the other pieces of furniture are discreet, and the accessories echo its colors. This is the secret of a bohemian teenager’s bedroom… but not kitsch!

26 – Artistic

ArtisticThe other option to introduce rattan in a teenager’s room? Customize it! There are some great pieces of furniture on the market, but you can also find armchairs and headboards and paint them yourself.

27 – Tone on tone

Tone on toneTone-on-tone painted, bed and storage literally blend into the walls. A warm cabin boat effect. The secret to succeeding in your effect? Adopt a warm shade full of character, but light enough not to be overwhelming.

28 – Rock!

RockSkull and industrial furniture bring a very rock touch to this teenage bedroom! We retain the mastery of colors: a creamy white to avoid a too violent contrast, and a shades of gray of a beautiful amplitude, to give character to the room without it being dull … or gloomy!

29 – Caribbean Colors

Caribbean ColorsWood and pretty pastel colors: this teenage bedroom is bathed in a holiday atmosphere, as fresh as it is relaxing. We love the choice of wicker accessories, which add a very summery touch to the room!

30 – Dreamlike

DreamlikeThe whole decor of this teenage room is built around a work of art judiciously framed by the canopy, the shelf, and the garland. A strategic location that is enough to distill a magical atmosphere throughout the room!