Bed Linen Sets to Enhance the Bedroom

Bed linen is an essential part of the bedroom. And for good reason, in addition to being the guarantor of a good night’s sleep, it is also a decorative element. We therefore understand the importance of choosing a good quality bed set so that it is comfortable, but also that it corresponds to the style you want for your room. The market offers a wide choice, so we invite you to discover a selection of bed sets to sublimate this room, whatever style you want to give it.

Bed set for a natural style

Green is a soothing color that will easily find its place in the bedroom. The discreet patterns of this set are embroidered as a result of great elegance. Nature is thus invited into your interior for a breath of fresh air.

Bed set for a natural styleSoftness with this simple bed set. A nod to nature with its leaf-shaped patterns and versatile colors. You can thus associate it in an already colorful bedroom so as not to risk overloading the room visually. This set will also be the most beautiful effect in a more sober bedroom for a rather minimalist result.

Bed set for a natural styleThis reversible bed set allows you to enjoy two decors with a single duvet cover. This way you can change the style of your room with ease. On one side, you get a light background with larger patterns, while the other side is dark green with darker patterns. Touches of yellow bring brightness for a warmer duvet cover.Bed set for a natural style

Floral bed set

A duvet cover with a floral pattern that will bring a spring atmosphere into your room and decorate it. We love these delicate colors of blue and pink in pastel tones which are judiciously underlined by touches of red to give dimension to the whole. The small flowers evoke the Japanese style and the revival of spring for a decor in which it is good to wake up.

Floral bed setFlowers yes, but in a completely different style. This time, it is small white flowers that adorn your bed. The dark blue color is a soothing color and therefore, conducive to sleep. The patterns are fine for a delicate rendering. Plus, this duvet cover is sold in a charming tote bag, rather than plastic packaging. Natural spirit guaranteed. Pair with a pink sheet, beige walls, or a wooden headboard, and many other solutions to enhance it.Floral bed set

Tropical style bed set

The fashion is in the tropical style that one invites in all the rooms. We can then integrate it into our room to travel from our bed. You will enjoy jungle decor in black and white so as not to risk influencing sleep with too stimulating colors. In addition, whatever the color of your bedroom or your bed, it will fit in without difficulty.Tropical style bed set

Animal bed set

This time we leave the jungle, for the feathered animals, like the peacock. The feathers are beautiful, fascinating, and evoke softness, but those of this funny bird is even more so because of their unique patterns and colors. With this duvet, you can wrap yourself in these feathers, night after night, for sweet nights.Animal bed set

This duvet is a mixture of plants and birds. The different colors used to create a rather soft ensemble that evokes calm.Animal bed set

Graphic bed set

With graphic bed sets, you will give rhythm to your room. You will bring a little color to your room, without going overboard. And for good reason, no color too bright for a smooth ensemble.Graphic bed set

In another style, but with rounded shapes, this duvet cover will be the most beautiful effect. To avoid visual overload, however, be careful not to put it in a room that would be of a color other than those present on the duvet. On the other hand, if your room is white, pastel blue, mustard yellow, burgundy, old pink, or even gray, then go for it.Graphic bed set

With this duvet, we mix styles. Do you want a graphic duvet cover, but also with plant motifs? Then this one is for you. Like that, you don’t even have to choose. It is available in light tones for a soothing result while being colorful. It’s the quilt without compromise!Graphic bed set

Ethnic bed set

Do you want warmth and elsewhere in your bedroom, whatever the season? Bet on this duvet cover and its African patterns.Ethnic bed set

Patterns aren’t your thing, do you prefer a plain bedding set? It is also a very good choice. You can allow yourself everything in the decoration of your room. Moreover, if you already have patterned wallpaper, the solid color duvet cover is a choice, it could not be more judicious. Yellow, like this one, will bring a little warmth to the room, but after that, it is a matter of taste and desire.Ethnic bed set

Bed set for a bohemian style

The pastel colors for this duvet cover will marry well with your bohemian decor. We like the combination of pink and green for a natural result.Bed set for a bohemian style

Polka dot bed set

Peas go through the years without getting bored. And for good reason, the success of peas began in the middle of the 19th century and since then they have been inventing and reinventing themselves. We use and abuse it on different media so why not on a duvet cover? They easily find their place there for a “Perfect night”. Here again, we take advantage of a reversible duvet cover: one side more sober and the second enhanced with saffron-colored dots.Polka dot bed set