Eclectic Kitchen Designs

A great kitchen defines the overall vibe of a house. High-quality functional kitchens are best for food lovers. An appealing kitchen invites you to cook more meals in it rather than opting for a take out. Upgrade or remodel your kitchen and make it a great place to hold cooking parties for your family. In this post, we bring 50 best eclectic kitchen designs for you. So go ahead and bring that change.

Wood slab kitchen

Wood slab kitchen
Designed by SF Architecture

This small kitchen is nicely done with reclaimed wood slab kitchen bar counter can be used as a quick breakfast nook, underneath wine storage and white countertop along with flat panel cabinets makes this kitchen look airy.

Vibrant Glory

Tiny Kitchen
Designed by The McMullin Design Group

A small eclectic L-shaped kitchen with a wooden countertop, shiplap ceiling, and beige floor. This open concept kitchen remodel has a drop-in sink, shaker cabinets, ceramic black and white patterned backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and peninsula blue cabinets.

Country Kitchen

Designed by Broad and Turner

If you are lucky to have a holiday home in the countryside, this design is best for the kitchen of such a house. A vibrant blue sitting space in the kitchen allows space for your children or partner to be with you while you cook. White concrete floor, oakwood cabinets, and wooden exposed roof keep that simplicity alive. Add plants to the space to get warmth. Open glass walls provide you an amazing view.

White Bliss

Designed by houzz

You can never go wrong with white. White can be incorporated in every nook and corner while designing a kitchen. Notice the hanging rack? It is both functional and stylish. Black and white countertops and backsplash adds texture in monotonous white. That colorful rug is a perfect dose of warmth.

Vintage meets Modern

Design by Chloe Edwards Photography

You don’t have to throw out everything old and get new stuff when you remodel your kitchen. You just have to design in a way that you can incorporate your old furniture in a modern style. This refurbished old wood island is a remarkable feature of this kitchen. The cabinets in that mint green color are new but give a vintage feel. That simple yet different steel rack is acting as a wine cellar.

Go Bold

Design by Habitat by Resene

If you have a small place, add a beautiful rug. It will add color and warmth to the kitchen without overwhelming the kitchen. A rich aqua blue color is chosen for the cabinets and silver pulls are added. The countertop, windows, and doors are kept in white color to add brightness.

Modern Retreat

Designed by Habitat by Resene

This open kitchen runs on the concept of eating in while cooking. Aesthetic striped island table with bar chairs is added for that diner pleasure. Half and half wall i.e the stove area is done in white subway tiles and appliances are added to a black lacquer wall. Pantry is hidden behind a white door that merges with the white backsplash.

Chester Row Kitchen

Designed by Naked Kitchens

Elements of this design delight and inspire you wherever you look in the room. Rich walnut is the perfect choice of timber for the statement island in this design, as it adds a sense of exclusivity and intensity. It is perfect for an island of this size. Beautiful pattern tile flooring, art pieces, and aqua blue color of bar chairs add glam to this space.

Bohemian Bloom

Designed by Angelica Henry Design

The appliances and cabinet are concealed behind a custom piece of art created on this reclaimed barn wood wall. Glass wall is kept on one end which makes the exterior visible while you are cooking. Granite top on the island goes well with the leather finished chairs. Dark wood flooring keeps the bohemian look alive.

Be Adventurous

Designed by Material Design Build

Always feel free to design your space according to your mood. You do not have to focus on a particular theme. The kitchen has plenty of open shelves along with closed cabinets for storage. The bright blue floor provides vibrant color to the space. The rest of the furniture is kept minimal and is done in wood. The log holding a lot of bulbs is the hero of this kitchen.

Unique Styling

Designed by Sustainable Kitchens

Birch Plywood Kitchen with recessed J handles and stainless steel recessed kick-board. A floating plywood shelf sits above a splashback of geometric tiles. Decoratives and kitchen accessories sit on this shelf. The movable plywood island is on large orange castors and has a stainless steel worktop. The kitchen contains a single oven and induction hob.

Chic Kitchen cum Dining  

Designed by Barlow & Barlow Design

Clean and bright Kitchen and Dining area with reclaimed wood table, wooden countertops, and red and white dining chairs. Flooring is done in medium wood that matches the countertops and dining table. Green subway tile backsplash increases the vibrance.

Rustic Ambience

Designed by Claverack Builders

This kitchen sets an example that just by adding a few natural elements, you can add a rustic look to your kitchen. Everything starting from the roof to cabinets is made in wood but the metal used in countertop and appliances add some edge.

Black Beauty

Designed by Fantoush

There is nothing sexier than black. So top to bottom all the cabinets are made in black color in this kitchen. So to keep that black popping rest of the things like floor, backsplash, and countertop are kept in white. The only things adding earthiness are the plants and the wood in the island table and stools. The Moroccan rug is the diva of this kitchen.

Mid-Century Eclectic kitchen

Designed by Black Line Studios

Subway tile stacked vertically give this kitchen an extra touch of fun. We love how the maximum use of space is done. Bright orange chairs add a pop of color to this industrial kitchen. Closed cabinets above the burner provide enough space for storage.

Glamour Room

Designed by Pati Robins

An interpretation of the glamour you behold in daily life, this kitchen has been designed keeping in mind your chic aura. The stainless steel used in all the appliances and dinner table adds the glam. Grey backsplash matches the flooring. Open as well as closed hanging shelves are placed for maximum storage. These chandeliers and plants increase the glory of this kitchen.

Retro Buzz

This retro kitchen is a blend of classic design with contemporary functionality. The beautiful black and white rug on the aged wood flooring drives the charm. Cabinets are kept white and shiny. The subway white tiles, lighting, and wooden countertop along with open hanging shelves fit right in the theme.

Open Shelving

Designed by Rick & Cindy Black Architects

Want to bring personality to the kitchen? Stack plates and items on open shelves. Hanging space for your pans on the backsplash is an example of optimum space utilization. Adding that pastel green color on the ceiling is worth it.

Undone Details

Image Credit Nayan Soni Photography

The exposed brick section in white just at the entrance of this kitchen adds an undone and laid-back vibe. Rather than covering or finishing, these details should be kept as it is to stand out. The backsplash is subway white tiles that match the white bricks. Adding wooden details throughout the kitchen with white color is unexpectedly refreshing.

Symmetrical Inspiration

Designed by Duet Design Group

It is an expansive custom kitchen that features a symmetrical kitchen top and island. All the appliances used here are modern and stainless. Countertops are made in marble and a beautiful grey and white wallpaper is used as a backsplash. Light laminate is used in flooring while the dark wood roof is done in this grandeur kitchen.

Color Play

Designed by Amy Shirlaw Interiors

This is a fun, small but perfectly formed kitchen with discrete but ample storage. The decor is traditional meets pop art, with cost-effective and complementary textures on the surfaces. Blue, pink, and copper bind so well together to create art.

Pop it Up

Designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.

If you are bold enough to experiment with colors, feel free to go vibrant. Do not hesitate to select multi colors for your kitchen. Cabinets and island bottom are done in red color. Island top, upper cabinets, and flooring are in the same wooden shade. Bar stools are made of age-old used wood. More color is added by keeping the backsplash in blue and dining chairs multi-colored.

 Add an Oomph

Designed by Farnham Furnishers Ltd

The new and expansive chef’s kitchen showcases custom cabinetry, a three-tiered curved African mahogany/walnut island, and a statement chandelier is an ode to the home’s art deco roots. Classic white subway backsplash and white Carrara marble countertops line the perimeter and nod to the style of the homeowner’s restaurants.

Garden Street

Designed by Amity Worrel & Co.

Every finish was made with consideration of wanting a home that would feel historic with integrity, yet it would also function for the family and extend into the future as long as possible. The designer went overboard by keeping everything in Sacramento color. Do not be interested in what is popular or trendy but rather honor what is right for the home. Brass sink faucets add bling to this dark kitchen.

Homey Feel

Designed by w.b. builders

Looking for a family-friendly and homey feel, this kitchen is the best example. Play with grey, white, and wood assures a farmhouse vibe. The owner has not looked back while adding modern appliances to the kitchen. Space has been used strategically by adding these three-tier floating shelves.

Exposed Brick Kitchen

Image Credit Dani Alonso

A kitchen with varied tones and texture adds interest to an otherwise simple kitchen. A play has been set up by keeping battle alive between modern and ancient. Wood flooring and island along with exposed brick wall gives an ancient look while marble effect on the wall to hold appliance and that mirror below the cooking stand adds modern glam. The green and pink stools bring a touch of color.

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen

Designed by Watershedd

Contemporary architectural design is paired with a more informal, eclectic kitchen design. Holiday homes are about spending time with the family and cooking together so this area was designed to be relaxed and homely. An open shelf and hanging area for kitchen tools give that industrial look.

Autumn Dream

Designed by Barlow & Barlow Design

An open plan kitchen cum dining with marble kitchen island and gold bar stools. Matt kitchen units with brass detailing add a charm to the place. Plant detailing on the wallpaper and that huge art piece in pink adds pop as well as an autumn theme to the kitchen.

Hide the Pantry

Designed by Martins Camisuli Architects

A well-hidden pantry behind that wooden door is the key feature of this kitchen. A hint of inky marine blue gives a more formal look than light colors at the same time is not as bold as black. Countertops are kept in white and texture is added to one of the walls by putting up wooden tiles.

Everything Dark and Mighty

Designed by Ateliers Poivre d’Ane

The use of two dark and bold colors gives a contemporary look to this kitchen. Patterned tiles pump up the look to the next level. Slight height variation is added to the island. To keep a raw look island and cabinets are painted with a raw finish. The chandelier and cylindrical beams make the layout more interesting.

Unfinished Business

Designed by Emilie Fournet Interiors

This industrial kitchen design is purposely kept raw and abraded. Pantry is given a sliding iron door with handpainted art. The backsplash is exposed bricks that are colored white. LED thunder sign over the chimney is a wow factor.

Reused Old piece

Designed by Customkit Buildings Limited

Revamp your beat up and outdated box and use it as a rustic kitchen island. It is a simple kitchen that is upscaled by a multicolored geometric art on the wall. The huge dining table has been used for those family dinners.

Micro Kitchen

Designed by Decor Interieur

An attic apartment with an open kitchen whose layout has been optimized by adding a wall-mounted sofa seat that can be used as dining. The kitchen is small yet all modern appliances have been incorporated. Countertops are made in wood and cabinets are in white color. A hint of blue is added wherever feasible.

Classic grey look

Designed by ALL & NXTHING

A touch of difference is brought to the white wall and beige floor by the addition of complete grey cabinetry. Even the countertop is kept in grey color. Plants are adding freshness to the place.

Christmas Cottage

Designed by Vujovich Design Build, Inc

This winter dreamland theme Christmas cottage kitchen features total cabinets and walls. To bring out a splash of the color bright red colored island is added in the middle of the kitchen. White cabinets are brought alive by adding those colored pulls. Blue and green geometric patterned tile flooring gives that sense of ice and trees.

Tile up your wall

Designed by Lucy Interior Design

A bit of color is added in this wood and white kitchen by using green colored tiles to cover the walls. All the cabinets are made of wood and the countertops are made of granite. White color has been added wherever it could be and the floor is made of light laminate wood.

European Style

Designed by Gary Sasnett Design

You will fall in love with this European style kitchen with hanging copper plates and bright rugs. The island in between gives an antique look. The big wooden cabinet gives space to all your crockery.

Blend it All

Designed by Cobblestone Group Inc

The wooden furniture is giving it a rustic look which reminds us of old age. The wallpaper is soothing and although loud, it does not pinch your eyes. The grey and brown combination is really smart.

Bold and Bright

Designed by Jay Seldin

An island kitchen in black and white is given a bold look by using this patterned wallpaper complementing the theme of the kitchen. The upper cabinets are in white and lower ones are kept black. The yellow-colored island table is giving a bright look to the kitchen. Dark wood flooring keeps the rustic look alive.

Black and White Kitchen

Designed by Karen Berkemeyer Home

The exposed wood beam is adding that rustic effect to an otherwise modern black and white kitchen.  Plenty of plants around the kitchen liven up the room and gives you a green thumbs up. High chairs add elegance to the interior.

Embrace the Style

Image Credit Miller Photography Inc

Look at this colorful kitchen that is giving both antique and modern look. The grey cabinets are contrasting so well with this beautiful blue island table in the center. The designer has used high chairs like those used in cafes which are adding to the ultra-chic look. Printed wallpaper is uplifting the look. And the antique wooden dining table with blue seat chair goes well both with wooden flooring and blue island. Chandelier combines the overall vibe.

Architectural Salvage Bespoke Kitchen

Designed by Woodstock Furniture

Bring your stools out because the designer got you a beautiful antique metal-supported center table. This contemporary kitchen features white subway backsplash, white cabinets, wooden flooring, and an art piece to focus on.

Beach House Cottage

Designed by Allison Lind Interiors

A beautiful black and white kitchen concept for those in need of eclectic vibe. Wooden flooring amps up the look many folds. The lower cabinetry is kept in black color and countertops are in white. Subway white backsplash and golden hanging lamps are to be noted. Hanging wooden plank storage is unique.

Bright Fiesta

Designed by Palazzo Kitchens & Appliances

A white horizontal subway forms the background wall. Everything is kept in white except the kitchen countertop which is in wood and island countertop which is grey. The shelves on the wall are open and there are hanging bulbs on the island table. A variety of stools has been used to add a contemporary vibe.

Play with Pattern

Designed by De Urbanic

Look at beautiful wall of golden touch with white combination, they look stunning. With black and pink combination of cabinets that’s really giving a different look to the kitchen. This is a straight type of kitchen with dining table in the side plus washing machine also attached in the corner. The mirror on the wall is entirely a different concept.

Make a Statement

Designed by Emilie Fournet Interiors

This statement black and white backsplash is a beautiful concept. Stainless steel appliances are used to add the modern touch. The brown edges give a sleek look to the white ply countertop. Nature is brought into the kitchen with the use of plants.

Bloody Mary

Designed by Michela Amadio

This kitchen is done in red lacquer cabinets. The floor has been done beautifully with Granite stone. Cabinets are done in the combination of red and white and the handles are kept silver. Hanging cabinets are spacious and provide plenty of storage space in this small kitchen. Earthy texture us added with exposed wooden beams, window frames, and door.

Blue Backsplash

Designed by Fireclay Tile

This kitchen gives a coastal vibe because of the use of a blue subway backsplash. This kitchen has been equipped with a double door refrigerator, chimney, and an oven. Countertops are kept white with wooden cabinets. It is beautifully decorated with plants to add some greenery to the kitchen.

The Transitional Design

Designed by Alida And Miller

Instead of trying to make everything stand out go for a transitional theme. This blue pattern starts from the floor and goes all the way up to the wall and gives eclectic look to this eat-in kitchen. The cabinet panels have been designed with black and white ply. The beautiful wooden dining table in the center with a metallic hanging lamp gives a smart look to this place.