Tropical Dining Design

In today’s world where a family takes great pride in hosting parties at home, they tend to take a special approach while designing their dining spaces. A tropical dining room is generally filled with color and effervescence and is completely different from the more traditional and formal dining rooms that define simplicity and seriousness. There is a certain understated ‘playfulness’ in such dinings that you simply cannot miss. Of course, the bright and bold patterns and a splattering of colors add to the richness of the setting as well. So to help you watch out for your lighting, color, or whatever doubts you have regarding dining designs, we have come up with 35 chic and cool tropical dining designs ideas in this article.

Bright Tangerine corner

breakfast nook
Taylor & Taylor, Inc.

Have a small empty corner space with that natural lighting? Why not convert that into the Hollywood inspired breakfast nook. All you need to do is add a Fauve canvas and hang an Oggetti fixture above a banquette upholstered in Fauve-inspired fabric. This tangerine shade will give your area a sense of width and also compliment that natural sunlight you get through those huge windows.

Chic Hawaiian style

Great room
Stephanie Brown Inc

If you have a big space just by your kitchen convert that into an 8 seating great dining room. It has a large tropical limestone floor which accentuates that dark wood kitchen cabinets. To keep that subtle look alive go for a neutral shade seat covers. Moreover, that beige wall color sums up that total vibe of the space. Add lots of indoor plants to keep the tropical look alive.

Pool and Island vibe

Mid sized island style enclosed dining room

This mid-sized island styled enclosed dining room gives you a sense of water all around you. The beautiful blue printed wallpaper gives you an island vibe and the pool inspired tile flooring adds to that aqua feel. The green walls and simple dining table completes the total look. You can add a touch of oomph with that uber classy hanging piece.

Dark at ease

Sunshine Coast

This modern cafe-like seating is perfect for a big family. This seating with plush pillows around not only gives you a comfortable dining space but it can be used for other family activities as well. The dark color with perfect lighting and a range of plants by side gives this arrangement a perfect tropical vibe. Do not forget to add a classy centerpiece and lamp.

Modern on the deck

The Mandala House
Design 4 corners

A hint of color in the seats gives this dining space an urban as well as a tropical look. Brown wooden flooring with designed patchwork on the floor lifts the overall vibe. White color of the walls with dark rooftop maximize the natural light coming from all the sides of the room. This idea of shifting the overall dining space on a raised deck provides the best space for a family get-together. Carved wooden dining table and the stylish lamp is an add on.

Living cum Dining

tropical great room

If you are short of space, why not make your living space into the dining space as well. That way you can enjoy television while having your meals too. Just keep in mind to match your dining furniture with living room furniture and you are good to go. The white walls of this room go great with both the spaces. 

Green always

Dining white walls
Brio Interior Design

What is more tropical than wood and color green. This dining room uses medium tone wood flooring which goes exceptionally well with this green shade. Further white walls, plants and that beach art piece adds more to the tropical mood.

Victorian era look

island style
McCann Design Group

The subtle grey furniture wallpapered wall all around and a perfect round sitting provide a complete sense of the victorian era. Even the flooring and curtains are so subtle that this enclosed dining room can be used for perfect formal dinner meets.

Open and Cozy

Stylish contemporary detail
Willman Interiors

There are no cookie-cutter concepts in anything to do—each project is customized and imaginative. This dining area has a complete outdoor view because of the glass wall but yet is indoor. The beige and wooden furniture with three light lamps hanging above makes the room cozy. Adding simple things while designing a room can change the total feel of the space.

White is Vogue

tropical gray floor great room
GM Construction, Inc.

This dining room with a tropical grey floor and beige walls stand attractive because of its total white furniture plan. The dining table used is in such a light wooden shade that it goes well with the walls. The chairs, lamps, and everything surrounding are in white color which gives the room a modern touch.

Mid-century motivation

huge tropical medium tone wood floor
Square renovation

Having a huge space and do not know what to do with it, convert it into a living and dining space side by side. This dining room is inspired by mid-century furniture and kept simple. Light blue furniture to match with medium tone furniture and color of the walls is beautiful in itself just with the addition of a simple lamp.

Sense of fine dining

tropical beige floor dining room
Veritas Fine Homes Inc

Here’s a dining room that can give you a sense of fine dining at home. Use the most neutral shades like the ones used in walls, rug, and floor to refine the look. Use a chic dining table with lamps and floral pieces and you are all ready to host a grandeur dinner.

Pop it up with colors

Beachfront Residence
John David Edison Interior Design Inc

The interior of this ultra-modern dining room derives from the home’s strong architectural elements and sports a vibrant blend of colors – fuchsias, turquoises, and kiwis to reflect the bright, natural beauty of that part of the home.

Contemporary feel

brown floor dining room

With its monochrome charm and a hint of color with these 2 teal blue chairs, this dining room is an epitome of true contemporary design. This black and white striped rug on dark wood flooring adds panache to this dining space. These statement chandeliers and that big artwork on the wall adds to the charm.

Statement Lighting

ceramic floor kitchen dining room

This dining room is a perfect example of a mid-sized island-style ceramic floor kitchen/dining room combo. These sleek chairs and simple dining gives a wow factor because of the statement lighting used over the dining table.

Built-In seating

dark wood floor dining room
Chelsea Court Designsave lacvk 

If you are a couple living all by yourself and have a lack of space why not go with cafe-style built-in seating. Its a very comfy seating and space is used best by making storage space under the seats.

Bohemian display

dining room design in Hawaii
Rick Ryniak Architects

This bohemian style dining room with a beautifully designed wall is in true sense tropical. The all brown furniture with a red paneled wall and light brown tile flooring are oh so beautiful. The custom chandelier using Galilee fused glass pendant lights adds to the glory of this room.

Neutral Spell

dining room design in Sydney with beige walls
Simon Child

In this all beige neutral dining space, the only color we are getting is from those subtle colored pillars and that wooden furniture. Yet this room looks completely glammed up. Use of a textured rug in the same color as that of floor multiplies the room’s charm.

Glass room dining

island style dining room
Saint Dizier Design

Having a big pool to yourself? Why not build a dining room above all that water. It gives you a feel of being on an island. Just keep it simple and use glass as walls so that the lights used inside can be reflected from water all around. Such dining rooms are perfect for your home dates.

Asian Affair

Kauai Lake Front Estate
Tropical Architecture Group, Inc

Combining Asian touches and stylish contemporary detail, the best that can be done is to put elements together in ways that are fresh, gratifying, and reflective of a certain culture. The all-wooden bench dining table with the defining roof and simple lamps gives a refreshing hunch.

Brighter hues

light wood floor and beige floor dining room
Mikel Irastorza

Add a tropical wallpaper on one wall and colored furniture and voila here’s your true tropical vibe. The crystal chandelier and those off the beat two chairs in between a bunch of yellow chairs complete the chic look. The beige wooden floor goes well with all the colors used while designing the room.

Outside Inspiration

tropical concrete floor dining room
Designshop pte ltd

If you can spare some open space in between your house, why not to convert that into a dining space to give it a tropical vibe. Simple wooden dining furniture over the concrete floor and having a garden around with tropical trees is an amazing design for the exterior dining room.

Dine with a view

beige floor great room idea
Gil walsh interiors

A brass chandelier suspended from a bamboo ceiling over a glass-topped table with a beautiful view can be one of the best inspirations for the dining room. The beige flooring and beige furniture go so well with that darker rooftop.

Rethink Coral

Charleston Blonde
Patrick Brickman

A simple room with a dark wood flooring and white walls were brought to life with coral chairs and curtains. This room is a perfect example of how a simple room can be lightened up just by the addition of simple colorful items.

Rustic Ambience

Earth Wood
Thaweephan wood products co., ltd

This all-wood rustic house has a piece of rustic wooden furniture by the bar and amazing natural lighting from that glass wall. All the wood used in designing the house is complemented by the use of neutral beige walls and flooring.

Eclectic elements

Gulf Coast Tropical
Anthony Baratta LLC

Why be afraid of colors if you are looking for that tropical dining room. This space is well designed by adding eclectic pieces like this multicolored chandelier, these over the top curtains, and a beautiful colorful rug. The blue walls, blue seat cover, and everything blue are just so beautiful.

Minimalism is the key

island of Grenada
GD Arredamenti

This project mainly includes top-of-the-line Velvet Profile-I kitchens in ash grey oak with high-gloss white lacquer, featuring large island tables custom-made with heat-treated ash wood.

Enhance your space

Island style dining room 1
De Reus Architects

Yet another tropical-inspired dining cum living room in the woods with all dark wood furniture and simple white walls. Space has been used perfectly in this house. A simple living room and dining room are arranged in such a way that it gives the room maximum open space available.

Go Bold Go Blue

Light wood floor dining room
LINE architecture

If you want to make a bold statement for your place, this dining room is the best example. Such dark colors have been used in designing yet the overall look is so sleek. These blue seats with dark green walls  and roof are enhanced by the use of floral yellow rug and statement over the top pieces.

Vintage exhibition

medium tone wood floor
Pascal Liguori & Son

This mid-sized island style medium tone wood floor and brown floor enclosed dining room design gives a vintage look just by the addition of this checked yellow dining chairs. That wooden detailing on the roof and an old-styled wooden cabinet add to that overall vintage look.

Classic decor

orange floor great room
Romain Buisson Photographe

A great room with a tropical terra-cotta floor and the orange floor is a great idea for kitchen/dining space. This is a classic example of tropical dining. Those high chairs and simple table can serve the purpose of both dinings as well as bar space. That hint of blue given through those tiles amidst all white furniture and walls is so mesmerizing.

Trendy and sophisticated

Private Beach House

This trendy modern dining contains Hakwood Locke flooring. The addition of this dark blue color in all corners of the room gives this dining space a modern yet sophisticated look.

Influenced by elegance

tropical beige floor dining room 1
E & A Interiors

Inspiration for a tropical beige floor dining room with white textured walls and no fireplace is a true beauty. This simple organic sitting is enhanced by the addition of a tropical centerpiece. That light-colored striped rug is an add on.

Simple is sober

tropical concrete floor
Raya shankhwalker architects

This room defines simplicity at its best. A simple yet beautiful dining table in the middle of the room with beige chairs and a beige concrete floor is an epic enclosed dining room. The room’s beauty is increased by those wooden fans matching the ceiling.

Make a statement wall

white walls and no fireplace
Two Birds Design

To make a statement add a different texture to one of the walls. Like this brick wall in the above dining space changes the mood of the room altogether. This is a truly a modern family home with an open living/dining room plan. This home blends organic style decor with modern finishes.