Coastal Living Room Decor ideas

It is not always necessary that only the houses around a beach can have a coastal vibe to them. With a little bit of styling and decoration, you can create a coastal ambiance in your city loft too. Be responsible for the color and decoration selection and get the much-needed summer coastal vibe at your home. In this post, we bring you 35 best ideas for a coastal living room.

Windows All Around

Surrounded by windows
Designed by Alexandra Rae Design

This family room offers full views from end to end. The entire space is surrounded by windows that flood the room with light. By incorporating proper furniture like the white sofas, ottomans that match the pretty blue color of curtains and the wicker chairs, we have created the required vibe.

Cozy and Blissful

Formal living room
Designed by Boyd A. Rourke, Brinc Design

To create a comfortable at-home feel, a lot of textures and patterns have been mixed in this room. Slipcovered sofa adds the required green to the room despite of the absence of plants. A variety of side tables in different shapes and sizes are used in the room. Black and white armchair effortlessly blends into the overall vibe. A striped multicolored rug on wooden flooring makes the room homier.

Expansive Open-Concept

Expansive open concept
Designed by O’Neil Industries Inc.

Bring the coastal vibe to your luxurious living room by adding a hint of blue in your furniture items. This living room is designed on a nautical theme by mixing blue, white, and greys. You can incorporate blue in your throw pillow covers, paintings, centerpieces, etc. and not in the bigger furniture. That way you can change the design theme whenever you want just by making small changes.

Beach House

Beach House
Designed by Anna Correia Interior Consultant

The comfort of the sea is brought inside through this beautiful living room overlooking the water. The design of the house is kept minimal and chic. All the furniture is done in white except the wall and floor which has a hint of grey textures in it.

City Life

City life
Designed by Eden LA Furniture and Interiors

You can live in a city and yet add a coastal vibe to your place. Add big plants in the room and you are good to go. In a simple white city room, these two indoor plants bring a touch of outdoors. The all-white sofa with a contrast armchair, white rug, and a simple round white center table is the simplest yet most beautiful furniture for this little space. The wise use of mirrors on the wall as an art piece widens the area of this petite room.

Traditional Design

Classic double heighted ceiling
Designed by Dutton Construction Inc

The double heightened ceiling gives the illusion of extra space and is a way to let in more light. This living room features white walls, wooden floors, and plenty of seating arrangements for your tea parties. Sea theme accent, huge wall art, antique center table, oriental rug, and a stone fireplace completes this bright and cozy room.

Classically Coastal

Classically Coastal
Designed by Bay Area Contracting, Inc.

Just like any other coastal house, this room has a laidback, charming, and bright look to it. The white and grey walls are complemented by the use of striking shades of yellow and orange. Flooring is done in medium tone wood planks and the wise use of antlers on a wooden round table enhances the rustic vibe.

Contemporary Touch

Contemporary touch
Designed by Studio M Interior Design

Wall to wall windows and outside views take over as the focal point of this contemporary beach house. Furniture in a unique cut like the sofa and armchair are used to glam up the room. Two similar shiny metal center tables reflect the natural light and bedazzle the room. A beautiful white carpet with blue stripes brings a sense of sea waves in the room.

Exposed Beam

Exposed beam and vaulted ceiling
Designed by LJS Design Inc

Rustic touches notch up the charm of coastal interiors. The vaulted ceiling and wood flooring make this nook striking and appealing. The wood tones beautifully contrast the white walls and furniture. The wall featuring blue shades of the sea resembles the original sea view that can be seen through the glass windows.

Enhance the Surrounding

Large beach style room
Designed by Amethyst Home

Transform your plain wall into this enchanting textured wood wall. Huge lincoln windows open up the room to natural light and magnificent view. Brown leather chairs beautifully contrast with the white sofas. Simple metal tables, grey concrete floors, and printed white rug are other pieces worthy of an eye.

Pastel Hues

Large open concept living
Designed by 2id Interiors

The stunning blue shade of the rug, exposed wood ceiling, wood log showpiece in the corner, and pastel hues make the room unforgettable. This poolside house has an amazing pool view through a huge glass sliding door. The use of ottomans, benches, armchairs, and sofa gives plenty of seating area.

Rustic Blend

Light wood floor
Designed by Home Staging Bizkaia

Adding a wooden accent and plants is the best way to introduce coastal design. This cozy cottage-like home is glamorous in its own way. Wooden beams, wicker chairs and tables, jute rug, and unique wooden chandelier adds to the rustic vibe. Whereas classic white sofa, simple art pieces, and fur add the glam. Moreover, the use of blue in throw pillows amplifies the coastal feel.

Luxurious Living

Living on the edge of pool
Designed by Hamilton Architects

This elegant and luxurious living room features a sliding door leading the room to the poolside. A white textured rug, light grey sectional, unique wooden armchairs, and a leather and metal center table are placed in front of the wall holding a huge and beautiful modern art piece.

Monochrome Base

Luxurious living
Designed by InHance Interiors

A charming and modern monochrome coastal farmhouse design. White glass windows and walls let natural lighting in the room. A black wall holds an art piece and fireplace. Seating furniture is in white with hints of black in throws and pillows. A unique center table is placed on a grey rug and light wood floor.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture
Designed by Janet Patterson Interior Design (JPID)

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. This living room is an example of urbanity. A unique mirror placed on the wooden wall resembles an oyster. Semi-sheer curtains are used that allow both light and privacy. A grey sofa with a hint of yellow and brown leather center table completes the look.

Multifunctional Room

Multifunctional room
Designed by Natalia Zubizarreta interiorismo

It is an uncomplicated space that favors comfort over fuss. A simple white room with wide windows to allow natural light, white cozy sofa, grey rug on a white concrete floor and a metal center table also has study/workspace in one of its nook.

Infuse Blue

Resort feeling
Designed by my gingerland

The all-white interior keeps the room brighter by reflecting the natural light coming through the glass door and windows and also serves as a perfect backdrop for the blue and wood accents. The textured blue rug and blue art piece on the wall match the water outside.

Nautical Tones

Standard fireplace with dining
Designed by Pomeroy & Co, Inc.

The blue color of the sofa and door/window frames gives a subtle yet unmistakable coastal vibe to the room. Center and side tables are made of dark wood. A light beige colored rug contrasts well on the dark granite flooring. A natural stone wall featuring a fireplace adds to the beauty of the room.

Unique Appeal

Unique furniture
Designed by Envi Construction Pty Ltd

Use of dark wood such as the mahogany in your furniture, allows classic beach house look to pop up. Take a cue from this home and embrace the beauty of white and wood combination. The armchairs used in the room are made in vintage designs and a beautiful unique art piece used lifts the entire space.

Vibrant Color Play

Vibrant colour play
Designed by Watershedd

Got a basement or secluded place for yourself. Convert that into a chilling zone with easy steps. A simple light wood platform furniture like the one used in the picture with cushions in white and blue shade gives a complete coastal vibe. Add a soft white rug on the wooden floor and a bright red armchair for a bit of glam. The walls in blue and white are giving the Santorini look.

All White Theme

All white theme
Designed by Medallion Home

A cozy and charming room in all white is modern yet gives the coastal vibe. A lot of natural elements like wooden beams, rattan, and live plants are incorporated. Hints of grey can be seen in throw pillows, flooring, center table, carpet, and art pieces.

Chic Beach Beauty

Coastal Chic Beach House
Designed by Sandra Britt Interiors

This modern chic beach house has a four-seater white sofa with ottomans and a metal center table. White concrete flooring is done and the wall holding television and a fireplace makes the place perfect for winter movie nights. The pendant light, white wooden roof, and jute rug are the highlight of the room – rustic, mysterious, perfect.

Tropical Feel

Coastal living room idea
Designed by Custom Design & Drafting

Wide glass walls and doors keep the amazing sea views unhampered. Blue throw pillows bring the classic white sofa up to coastal code. A runner matching the pillow color has been placed under a glass center table which lets the color pop.

The Oceanview 

Coastal living room
Designed by Simètric Girona SL

The simple yet elegantly furnished living room features white walls, sectional, center tables, living room bench, and blue accents. Combine the cool and brightness of coastal interiors with the beautiful minimalism of contemporary designs and the result is simply beautiful. A balcony with an ocean view is cherry on the cake.

Tie it Together

Custom built in bookcase
Designed by Medallion Home

Blue’s calming effect makes it a natural fit for beach houses. Dark blue accents go well with white and grey hues of the room. A leather and wood center table and wood flooring add the rustic vibe. The shiplap wall in the white featuring fireplace is a beautiful uplift to light grey walls. The TV cabinet on the wall gives space for your showpieces.

Extravagant Simplicity

Exposed beam and wallpaper

Designed in beach style, this room has a formal vibe to it. The enclosed room is adorned with plenty of windows that let natural light in. Featuring several shades and textures of blue fabric in sofa and armchairs, this color gives the room its cool, bright, and delightful interiors. Other things to notice are medium tone wood floor, exposed beam, wood center table, jute rug, and the wallpaper.

Make a Statement

Formal and open concept
Designed by Woodford Architecture and Interiors

Minimal profile sliding windows elegantly framed by Casamance drapes on bespoke wrought iron poles allow the view out to the coastline to be the star of the show. Other prominent things in the room are the tan leather sofa sets, Old wood plank center table, and the pendant lights.

Cabin Love

Laguna Beach Vacation Home
Designed by TKO Designs

The light wood tones in the exposed wood beam ceilings, rattan ottoman, and jute rug provide this living room with a lovely pastoral look while matching the bright white furniture of the room. The rustic stone center table, fireplace, and glass wall add the charm and character that make the design particular and unforgettable.

Mix up the things

Marine Drive Near
Designed by Emerge Design

A combination of bright corals and cool blues give this living its stylish and exceptional styling. The wall frames with plants on the wall make an eye-catching decor and increase the delightful interior of the living room. Sliding tinted glass walls let natural light in when opened and stops the harsh rays when needed. Furniture pieces include a grey sectional, leather armchair, jute ottoman, wood table, and printed rug.

Textural Impact

Open concept porcelain floor
Designed by Sarah Schmidt

The coloring of this charming and serene room design includes white paneled walls and shiplap ceiling, grey sofa, blue accents and wicker chair and stools. The decor is kept minimal – a wall-mounted tv, textured rug, and wooden center table that completes the coastal vibe.

Mid-Century Modern

Open concept
Designed by Sarah Schmidt

Mid-sized beach style open concept with the exposed beam is a rustic coastal cottage. Prints used in the center table and throw pillows bring pizzazz to this simple cabin. Glass paneled doors and windows add instant light and view to the room.

Small but Collected

Southern Living in Terra Ceia Home
Designed by LaBram Homes

If you are a lover of small but bold designs, this room is for you. Charming and striking, this green ottoman also serves as the living room’s center table. The use of a lot of blue, green, and coral amplifies the coastal vibe. Its awe striking to see so many prints doing wonders. There is a separate reading nook in the room. The chandelier and armchairs give an antique look to the room.

Scandinavian Influence

Stacked stone fireplace
Designed by The Tempo Group

This is a luxurious Scandinavian beach house! Featuring posh accents its shiplap ceiling, a huge wall art, a stacked stone fireplace, a cozy sofa set with fuzzy throw pillows, a TV stand, and a classic center table lying on medium tonewood, give the room an elegant finish while retaining its beach cottage charm.

Rich Glamor

Waterside Remodel
Designed by Marty Rhein

Blending the leather of the armchair and cotton upholstered sectional keeps the room fresh and unpredictable. A huge maroon antique rug on the floor separates the seating area from the rest of the space. The sliding glass windows and door flood space with natural light and keep the room bright. Maintain the edge with wooden fan, beams, and center table.


White walls
Designed by Viva Home Staging

It may go against your instinct, but decking your living room seating in white is a great way to keep clean. Add personality by adding wood plank flooring, rattan armchair, and jute rug and ottoman. Plants add the green and throw pillows in blue and coral adds the coastal element to space.