Ideas inspirations for a small bathroom

The bathrooms of 50m2, that only exists in TV movies or among the Kardashians. In reality, the bathrooms in our interiors are often small. And it sometimes happens that we have to rack our brains to arrange them in a practical and aesthetic way. Small space, small budget… It is not always easy to live with a small bathroom!

Small, functional, and trendy bathrooms exist

For my part, being rented, I could not arrange my small bathroom as I wanted. But it remains practical: a shower cubicle, a suspended toilet, and above all a lot of storage space, under the basin as well as next to it. As the result, even if it is a little over 4m2, it is not a cramped place.

Today we will present to you in this article 33 ideas and inspirations to decorate and furnish a small bathroom. Whether you own or rent, this article will help you see more clearly. Make this room a trendy, cocooning, and practical place, where it is good to spend time! (but not too much anyway, under penalty of seeing the other members of the family complain).

1 – Choose only furniture and elements with very clean lines

Choose only furniture and elements with very clean lines
From the shower glass to the mirror to the vanity unit, everything in this modern bathroom has clean lines, no frills (source: Desire to Inspire )

For a modern and designer bathroom, we forget all the frills and heavy furniture, too rococo. Get inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian designs: the lines are straight, the materials simple. Whether for furniture or for accessories (such as mirrors or storage), this rule prevails. A very classic white tiling completes the whole and emphasizes the lines.

Tip: install a transparent wall to create an impression of space.

2 – Use a storage unit on wheels

Use a storage unit on wheels
Easy to move, functional, the trolley on wheels easily replaces a vanity unit or shelves (source: Pinterest )

If you don’t have the space to install or fix furniture for the storage of all your belongings in your small bathroom, opt for a cart on wheels ( like the RASKOG cart from IKEA ), simple and practical to move. This is a very practical solution if you don’t have a lot of beauty products.

Tip: choose a cabinet with metal casters, easy to clean.

3 – Put touches of gold

Put touches of gold
In decorative objects or on the plumbing, gold metal is very trendy in recent years and invites itself without worry in the bathroom (source: My Lovely Things )

In a classic bathroom, metal or golden brasses are a solution to make it more trendy and one of the key accessories of a chic bathroom. Inspired by Art Deco, gold highlights unsexy bathroom elements, such as the shower bar or the toilet flush.

Tip: If you can’t change the plumbing, opt for gold brass bathroom accessories (toothbrush holder, towel bar, plant pot, storage boxes, etc.)

4 – get inspired by the industrial style

get inspired by the industrial style
Take inspiration from the industrial style and install glass roofs as a partition, to keep all the clarity in a small bathroom (source: Femme Belle Vie )

Think about it: canopies allow you to partition a room or create partitions, without losing brightness. It is a practical solution to partition the space between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, or even to have a bathroom integrated into a master bedroom type bedroom.

Tip: DIY stores now offer easy-to-install canopies at very affordable prices.

5 – think of the pocket door

think of the pocket door
The pocket doors allow to close a bathroom while saving space (source: Femme Actuelle )

Opening a door can encroach on bathroom space, especially when it is very small. Replace your interior door with a pocket door, which slides in the wall without taking up space.

Tip: Opt for a glass partition door, to gain more light in a dimly lit bathroom.

6 – use metro tiles

use metro tiles
Very trendy, metro tiles are nevertheless timeless in bathrooms (source: Pinterest )

The elongated subway tiling gives the illusion of a room larger than it really is. Choose a white, very classic model. Paired with a pretty treated parquet floor for the bathroom, this creates a small, but contemporary powder room.

Tip: The elongated shape of metro tiles is ideal for small bathrooms in length.

7 – opt for a suspended washbasin cabinet

opt for a suspended washbasin cabinet
The suspended wooden vanity unit brings warmth to this small bathroom decorated in black and white hues (source: Pinterest )

To save space visually, the washbasin cabinet can be suspended. The available space below can then be left free or be optimized with storage baskets to slip in bathroom linen or beauty products.

Tip: choose hanging furniture in a narrow bathroom, to save floor space.

8 – Create a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower

Create a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower
In this small bathroom, the shower and tub are cramped, but functional so as not to encroach on floor space (source: Pinterest )

Why choose between bathtub and shower? Thanks to a judicious arrangement, it is possible to have both in a small bathroom! Each space must be exploited in order to maximize the development potential. A bathtub, a shower, a toilet, and a sink area, large wall mirrors, storage niches … In short, you can have the essentials of a bathroom without giving up your desires!

Tip: Take inspiration from hotel room layouts, where bathrooms are often small but offer a certain comfort.

9 – Use the same tiles on all the walls

Use the same tiles on all the walls
Using the same tiles on all the walls makes it possible to visually enlarge this small bathroom (source: Archzine )

In order not to lose the optical illusion, choose a very classic white tile. Bright, it highlights the different elements of the bathroom, while providing an impression of length and depth.

Tip: choose a tile light enough to gain in brightness and get an impression of depth.

10 – get inspired by the boho style

get inspired by the boho style
The elements in wood and natural fibers bring a boho touch to this very classic small bathroom (source: Moes House Inspire )

The boho style puts nature in the spotlight. It also brings warmth to a small bathroom, without overloading the whole. Think about this trend especially for decorative elements such as storage, bathroom linen, or even lighting.

Tip: coconut fiber or seagrass are perfectly suited to the humidity of the bathroom.

For a small bathroom with a shower

Whether it is walk-in, in a cabin, or whether it is a simple basin, the shower is often preferred in small bathrooms. Less bulky than a bathtub, it is a real asset!

11 – Prefer a fully open shower

Prefer a fully open shower
The open shower is ideal for creating a long, narrow bathroom. The absence of a glass partition avoids visually reducing the space (source: Pinterest )

If you are not too freakish, the open shower is a very good alternative to conventional showers for a small and narrow bathroom. Prefer a water jet with a high head, rather than a hand shower, to avoid ending up with a flooded room after each shower.

Tip: The walk-in shower is ideal for small bathrooms.

12 – Integrate the shower behind the sink

Integrate the shower behind the sink
The shower is here hidden behind a wall on which is fixed the mirror as well as the sink part of this small bathroom (source: Pinterest )

The wall separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom is well thought out here since it allows for a real shower area and a real toilet/preparation area. Whitewall tiles make the room larger, as does use the same tile on the floor to visually extend the space in the shower.

Tip: The wall hooks allow you to hang bathroom linen while maintaining the retro style of the room.

13 – Install a shower in the attic

Install a shower in the attic
This open shower, near the skylight, allows you to conveniently set up a small sloping bathroom (source: Pinterest )

The converted attic offers additional space to extend the house. But the under-slope can sometimes cause space concerns. Avoid partitioning the room to keep all the light, and create an open shower.

attic bathroom
Here, the shower cabin perfectly matches the shape of the sloping roof. The glass door must be custom-made to ensure the watertightness of the shower (source: Archzine )

If you prefer to have a closed shower, consider the tailor-made solutions that can be offered by DIY stores.

Tip: make sure that the space under the slope is still high enough to have a comfortable and practical shower.

14 – Tile the shower with a pattern

Tile the shower with a pattern
Using a patterned tile, cement tile type, creates a contrast highlighting the shower (source: Pinterest )

In a very sanitized bathroom with minimalist decor, add a decorative touch to the shower stall by tiling a walk-in shower with cement tile or a colorful mosaic.

Tip: keep the room in harmony by choosing patterned tiles in complementary shades.

15 – Create a niche in the shower

Create a niche in the shower
Hollowed out along the length of the shower, the tiled niche allows you to store your toiletries while saving space (source: Decorfacil )

The niche is a functional and designer storage solution, to have all your toiletries close at hand in the shower. Make the niche stand out by tiling it with colored tiles or that contrast with the rest of the tiles used in the shower stall.

Tip: an open niche in the shower provides additional storage.

For a small bathroom with a bathtub

If you dream of a bathtub, know that this idea is not incompatible with the development of a small bathroom. You just need to make the right sanitary choices and have a few tips to optimize space.

16 – Install a free-standing bathtub

Install a free standing bathtub
Retro, this free-standing bathtub fits perfectly into this bathroom, with a classic-chic style (source: Domino )

Slightly raised, the free-standing bathtub gives the impression of a less bulky item than a simple bathtub placed on the floor. Installed on a parquet or a light tile, the optical illusion works perfectly!

Tip: The freestanding bathtub brings a chic and retro touch to any bathroom, whether it has a retro or more modern look.

17 – Install storage furniture in the extension of the bathtub

Install storage furniture in the extension of the bathtub
In order not to lose the space between the bathtub and the wall, install a custom-made storage unit (source: DecorFacil )

In small bathrooms, every square meter should be used intelligently. If you have a bit of space between the tub and the wall, turn it into a storage space for your cosmetics or towels. The top of the cabinet allows you to add some decorative elements such as plants or trinkets.

Install storage furniture in the extension of the bathtub
The storage niches allow you to store your toiletries and beauty products in the immediate vicinity of the bathtub (source: Trendecors )

Also, consider using the spaces on the walls to create niches or install storage for your beauty and toiletry products.

Tip: use tailor-made storage that fits perfectly into your bathroom. Think about it, they are more and more affordable!

18 – Choose a practical layout

Choose a practical layout
The minimalist layout of this bathroom allows a bathtub to be integrated on a section of the wall (source: Lushome )

In small spaces, the simplest arrangements are the most effective. Rounded shapes take up less space, especially in room corners. A simple arrangement of a small bathroom saves space and installs a small bathtub.

Tip: favor simple arrangements in small spaces.

19 – Place the bathtub in the shower cabin

Place the bathtub in the shower cabin
In this bathroom, the shower and the bathtub are in the same space, while being two separate arrangements (source: Pinterest )

In the back of the room, if you have a long bathroom, you can install the shower and the bathtub in the same place. There are two solutions for this: having two separate facilities with a bathtub and an open shower or opting for a bath-shower.

Tip: atypical layouts can be perfectly suited to small spaces.

20 – Get inspired by tubs

Get inspired by tubs
This round bathtub installed at the back of the bathroom takes up little space, while bringing a designer touch to the room (source: Hello Blogzine )

Get inspired by small Parisian apartments and their tub tubs to furnish your small bathroom. Round bathtubs should be installed at the back of the room to save space. Also consider installing wall shelves above, to optimize storage.

Tip: Round tubs save space and are more comfortable than tub tubs.

For a small bathroom with WC

Having a toilet in a bathroom is more and more common. It saves space in the house – since we have one less room – but it can sometimes cause some problems in terms of layout.

21 – Install high storage for beauty products

Install high storage for beauty products
In this small bathroom, the toilets occupy a place which could have been a storage space. Installing high storage is then the appropriate solution (source: Flickr )

As in any small room in the house, when you lack floor space, think vertical. Wall storage such as shelves or lockers is a solution to save storage without further cluttering a small room.

Tip: wall storage saves floor space.

22 – Fix the toilet on the washbasin cabinet

Fix the toilet on the washbasin cabinet
The washbasin cabinet and the toilet become a 2-in-1 cabinet to save space (source: Pinterest )

As part of a long bathroom, the toilet can be installed in this direction of the room in order to save space. Create a 2-in-1 piece of furniture that combines the toilet and sink in a small space. Opt for a suspended toilet, in order to gain significant space.

Tip: a simple BA13 formwork can create a 2-in-1 cabinet.

23 – Install a corner toilet

Install a corner toilet

In a small room, angles can be wasted space. So think about corner furniture or sanitary facilities optimized to be installed in these spaces, especially if you have a very small bathroom.

Tip: a wall-hung corner toilet takes up less space than a conventional toilet.

24 – Choose a toilet with an integrated hand basin

Choose a toilet with an integrated hand basin
The WC-Washbasin save space in a small bathroom (source: Living in a shoe box )

WCs with an integrated hand-basin is a solution to save space. They also save money and reduce water consumption.

Tip: Multifunctional furniture saves considerable space in a small bathroom.

For a small, colorful bathroom

Who says color is forbidden in small bathrooms? Whether it’s tiling or painting, here are some tips to add color to this room without overloading it!

25 – bet on pop colors

bet on pop colors
Turquoise walls, colorful cement tiles and pop accessories: this small bathroom has everything to put you in a good mood in the morning (source: Dwelling Decor )

The advantage of the bathroom is that most of the elements that make it up are white. This allows you to dare some fantasies on the walls or the floor, adopting bright colors, without the whole being too overloaded. Still, make sure that the colors are complementary to keep consistency.

Tip: Apart from red, bright colors add to the brightness of a room.

26 – Get inspired by boutique hotels

Get inspired by boutique hotels
With its fluorescent yellow walls, open shower and hanging furniture, this very futuristic bathroom can only surprise, while being practical (source: Living in a shoe box )

If you have a really very small bathroom, take inspiration from boutique hotels, which often offer original concepts. Futuristic decoration, pop colors, bathroom open to the bedroom… The originality here is a real asset.

Tip: do not hesitate to have custom furniture made.

27 – Go for a contrasting color

Go for a contrasting color
In this very classic bathroom, the dark blue creates a contrast highlighting the different elements of the room (source: Le journal de la maison )

Use color on items like the vanity unit, shelves, and cupboards in the room. These will be highlighted. This contrast works perfectly well in a bathroom furnished in a classic style: white wall tiles, pine furniture, round mirror, etc.

Tip: to not get bored, opt for a timeless color like blue, taupe, khaki, etc.

28 – Choose a colorful shower curtain

Choose a colorful shower curtain
This brightly colored shower curtain brings color to this classic bathroom (source: Apartment Therapy )

Affordable, the shower curtain is a decorative element that adds color to the bathroom. You can change it according to your desires, the style of decoration you want to have, or even decoration trends.

Tip: choose a fabric shower curtain, easier to clean and maintain.

29 – Select brightly colored furniture

Select brightly colored furniture
In this small bathroom, bright colors highlight the furniture without darkening the room (source: The Smart Tiles )

In a small bathroom, bright colors such as red, yellow, green, fuchsia, or even turquoise bring a bohemian touch to the room. Do not hesitate to select a maximum of 2 or 3 pieces of furniture in bright colors, to furnish your completely white bathroom.

Tip: you can simply repaint existing furniture, home-staging style.

30 – Install vintage tiles

Install vintage tiles
Vintage tiles add soft color to small bathrooms. Perfect for changing from traditional white tiles (source: homelisty )

Vintage tiles often have faded or pastel colors, which add color without overdoing it. It is a solution to decorate a small bathroom without being afraid of getting bored of the chosen color.

Tip: freshen up your splashback with tile stickers, if you are renting.

31 – Put plants

Put plants
Installing a few plants adapted to the humidity of the bathroom adds color in the blink of an eye (source: Moderny )

Placed on shelves, the windowsill or even on the floor, in a basket, houseplants are a very easy way to add color to a small bathroom without having a big budget.

Tip: Tropical plants are particularly suited to the humid atmosphere of a bathroom.

For a small bathroom with a washing machine

The washing machine is found more and more in our bathrooms. And this, even in small spaces! With a few tips, your machine will fit perfectly into this small room.

32 – Create a place for the washing machine

Create a place for the washing machine
The washing machine, slid under the worktop, fits perfectly into the style of this modern bathroom (source: Planète Deco )

In apartments, the washing machine generally finds its place in the kitchen or the bathroom, since these rooms have water inlets. And in a small bathroom, you can easily install your machine!

Above the machine, install a work surface to save space. It is thus used to put your beauty products. If possible, choose a washing machine that visually fits into your decor. Manufacturers now offer white machines, but also black or gray.

Tip: consider built-in washing machines if you want to hide it behind a cabinet door.

33 – Make a mini laundry room in the bathroom

Make a mini laundry room in the bathroom
In one corner of the bathroom, a small utility room is thus created with the same tiles as the rest of the room (source: Mäklarhuset )

Above the washing machine, install a few wooden or tiled shelves (depending on the style of your bathroom) to store your household products, laundry, etc. Install a few storage boxes to decorate the ensemble while organizing this laundry area.

Tip: Install open shelves for easy access to storage above the machine.

With an optimized layout and a few good tips, small bathrooms are nothing but a bad memory! Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, pick from the 33 ideas presented in this article to furnish and decorate this room of the house.

How to arrange AND decorate a small bathroom?

A real cocooning living room, the bathroom must be practical and aesthetic. In a small space, there are often toilets, the laundry room and obviously the necessary for the toilet.

Owners, you can optimize the layout of your bathroom according to your desires and your needs. Some smart furniture such as corner toilets or with integrated hand-basin, small bathtubs, or even walk-in showers saves space.

What are the cheap ideas?

For small budgets, think of accessories such as storage, shower curtains, towels, or even plants to make your small bathroom a modern room.

However, keep one idea in mind when setting up the room: small bathrooms should be bright and functional.