Ultra Modern Bedroom Design

A contemporary or modern bedroom design deals with minimalism and simplicity. But once you add proper elements and texture, your dream bedroom can be created. The best thing about modern design is that there is no prerequisite, you are free to design in any which way you like. Sometimes, such a task gets overwhelming. We have compiled the best designs from around the world for you. Get ready to give your bedroom remodeling as you will not be able to resist these designs.

Bachelor pad

Designed by stylekoubou

A highly modern studio apartment is best for a bachelor’s. This bedroom is for those who are not a fan of extravagance. The bedroom is very minimal and uses a medium tone wood flooring, white walls and a wide window to get that perfect city view.

The box space

Concrete Box House
Designed by Robertson Design

It is not necessary that you will always have a huge space for your bedroom. So if you got a small space for bedroom try to use lighter hues while designing. This light wood flooring and bed and white walls give the room a sense of space. A wide glass window gives you the view of nature around you.

Monochrome game

Curved wood platform bed
Designed by usona
Give your modern bedroom design a monochrome look. Floor, carpet, curtains, and wardrobe are white in color and the bed and side rug add a hint of black. The intricate designing of the wardrobe complements the russet vibe of the room.

Open Realm

Guest concrete floor Bedroom
Designed by Walker workshop

Create a stunning wooden wall featuring a coastal wallpaper. The room has a Murphy bed also known as pull-down bed that allows the room to be converted into a workspace during the day. This room has a personal backyard with a fireplace for those chilly winter nights. The bedroom holds two open sides to get a sense of exterior sleep.

Industrial Touch

Industrial Touch
Designed by Thea – Love Of Light

This design uses a unique installation to give the space an industrial look that you won’t find round easily. Extruded exposed iron beams and a different type of lamp enhances the feel. The bed is upholstered in grey organic fabric which adds an aesthetic touch. An abstract rug is placed which matches the back wall.

Cottage Living

Master Bedroom to rooftop sundeck
Designed by Architects Magnus

The low slung bed like this has become a desired piece of modern bedroom furniture. Double the style factor by adding a modern art piece over the fireplace. The room features terra cotta white flooring, white walls, wooden plank roof, and two balconies.

Opt for a View

Minimalist bedroom 1
Designed by HCD Group Corp

Consider this view as an integral part of your design and select the rest of the layout accordingly. The low slung bed in white color goes well with the white walls. Add a couch in a grey color to add a bit of color to the room. The doors are made in glass and no curtains are placed because why would you ever want to hide that view.

Au Naturel

Minimalist carpeted bedroom
Designed by Barnes & Barnes Design Collective

If you are a fan of nature, open yourself into a fully grown tree to get that fresh breeze inside whenever you come into the balcony. There is a unique glass headboard that gives you the outer view. Floor is grey carpeting that matches the material of the bed. The rest of the furniture is made in wood to add to the natural look.

Mirror Reflection 

Mirrored closet
Designed by Bruce Bierman Design

The reflection of the room in the mirror confuses the eye into seeing a larger space. So to make a small bedroom feel bigger you can install mirrors on one end of the bedroom. The whole room is kept in white even the exposed wooden beams are colored white to brighten up the place. Add a few art pieces and you are good to go.

Classic Beauty

modern bedroom idea in Gothenburg
Designed by Bjurfors Göteborg

Choose the classic tones for your bedroom than opting for different shades to give a clean and crisp look. These two bedside tables are kept minimalist and can be moved for other purposes. The wall-mounted copper lamps add a touch of glam. One of the walls is painted in grey color and the rest of the features are kept white.

Bold Colors

modern guest bedroom
Designed by Causa Design Group

Modern design does not mean that you cannot opt for colors. Be free to use your imagination and your choice while designing. If you want to incorporate colors in your accessories like pillows, chairs, and wall hangings keep the rest of the room white or in a neutral shade so that the colors can pop against it.

Select a Layout

Modern Loft vibes
Designed by Deniece Duscheone Design

Give an earthy and rustic vibe to your contemporary room by adding exposed brick walls to the room. The feather throws and velvet curtains add a chic appeal. A medium tone wood is used for flooring. The contemporary pendant light in gold is a real showstopper.

Edgy Corner

Modern Scandi Corner Bedroom
Designed by Thomas Sanderson

Inspiration for a large modern master bedroom with dark wood floor and white walls. The warm blue color greets this bedroom which promotes relaxation and sleep. Dark wood bed and a wood rocking chair with grey accents are showcased in the room. A touch of yellow is added as it compliments both blue and grey shades.

Modern Loft vibes

Modern West Hollywood Living
Designed by DEZINE INC

Large minimalist master bedroom with medium tone wood floor. The bed beige-colored bed is kept in the middle of the room in front of a statement wall. Side tables hold chic white lamps and have two drawers to stow the usual bedside clutter out of sight. The blue textured wall and blue furnishings are the key elements and the tan bedroom bench looks trendy.

Multicolored walls

Multicolored walls
Designed by M – buro

Another example of a petite yet beautiful bedroom. The ceiling light installations are a piece of art in this room. Since the area is a small wall mounted small bedside tables are used. Bed and floor are in similar textures. The use of bright colors accentuates the area of the room.

Warm Vibes

Murphy Bed
Designed by Hufft

The use of wood in the furniture and walls tend to provide warmth to the place. This bedroom features a wooden bed, chair, and wall with a hint of added lights and plenty of natural light through the glass door. Rug and floor is in shades of grey that goes well with wooden tones.

Contemporary Glam

Nagoya with white walls
Designed by Hm atelier

This refreshing contemporary bedroom with gorgeous accessories is the one where you want to get up every morning. An elegant bed in off white shade merges well with the all-white interior. The art piece created by using multiple mirrors on one of the walls adds an oomph. Keep other accessories minimal to abide by the ongoing vibe.

Personal Cocoon

On the Magothy
Designed by Electronic Home & Marine Environments

A simple yet remarkably comfortable bedroom has a built-in television in the bed. You can pull out the television when you feel like entertaining yourself and other times you have the luxury of a view of beautiful grass fields. The bed, chairs, wall, and curtains are kept in white shade.

Embrace Simplicity

Open Concept
Designed by Walker Workshop

Minimal bedrooms are not just for minimalists. A minimally decorated room is easy to maintain and can be kept tidy. And a tidy space promotes a tidy mind and a good night’s sleep. This room features a wooden floor, wall, and bed. And a simple rug adds warmth to space. It has three side glass wall for natural light and breeze.

Statement Wall

Weathered Elegance
Designed by atelier9to5

Confused with which wood tone to select? Add all the shades in a single room. This statement wall featuring layers of different tones of wood is a masterpiece in itself. The canopy bed adds an ultra-luxury vibe to the room. The beige-colored rug contrasts against the dark wooden floor. Feel free to leave a study corner for yourself.

Less is better

Bedroom with beach Pool
Designed by MORE Projects Mallorca

A personal fan of simplicity, one can vouch for this room design. The bed is upholstered in grey organic material. The floor is done in the light wood and the walls are kept in white. Glass wall in front of the bed provides you with a beautiful morning pool view.

Castle Cove

Castle Cove Bedroom
Designed by Dieppe Design

The latest bedroom design features an open wall for a natural view. A dark wood wall serves as the backdrop with LED lamp fittings. Wall-mounted shelves are used as bedside tables. The bed and floor are done in light wood.

Add a masterpiece

Designed by Vitrocsa UK

Feel free to opt for an asymmetrical bed. It will loosen up a static layout. Use a single yet grand art piece like this one used on a dark wooden wall. The floor and rest of the walls are kept white. Blue carpet adds a bit of color to the room. A revolving chair and a couple of ottomans are also added in the room. One of the walls is made of glass which gives a beautiful poolside view.

Role of Textures

lake through walls
Designed by Streeter Custom Builder

The use of a lot of textures enhances the beauty of a space. Like the use of grey slab tiling on the wall, wooden slabs on the roof, and concrete floor. A beautiful masterpiece is added to the backdrop. A seating area with a ribbon fireplace is for those who love late-night conversations. All the walls are made of glass for that beautiful lakeside view.

Bright and Rich

Little River Residence
Designed by PTX Architects

A bright accent wall will help the room to pop up. Simple dark wood floor, light wood bed, and white walls are an easy approach to pull the bright hues together. Copper pendant lights are the added blitz of this room. An open bathroom in the room perhaps isn’t for shy types.

Minimal Dream

Master gray floor bedroom
Designed by Quatrefoil Inc

You can always visually anchor your bed by placing a large rug beneath it that also keeps your toes cozy. A rocking chair is added with multicolor throws for your reading sessions. A dark hue wall serves as the headboard. To give the room dramatic look glass walls are kept so that you can feel that you are sleeping in the woods.

Be Creative

Minimalist bedroom
Designed by MORE Projects Mallorca

Bring a slice of your artistic taste into the room by adding statement pieces in the room like this chandelier. A brown fabric upholstered wall below beige paint is an example of a unique backdrop. Other things to notice in this room are a leather bed, custom fireplace, tan chair, modern bedside lamps, and the glass wall.

Make it Chic

Minimalist with gray walls
Designed by Alfio Garozzo Fotografo

A dark bedroom decor helps to feel cozy and cocooned. This room gets a lot of natural light through the glass wall so why not consider an option for dark furnishing. A minimal black bed is placed in front of a grey textured backdrop. Lights are embedded in the wooden ceiling. An extra chair and table are added for your coffee or tea time seating.

Bright Glory

Modern light wood floor
Designed by dutchhouseofphotography

Propping a large mirror on the wall or even these unique pendant lights, evokes a chic and contemporary atmosphere. Grey bed and chairs contrast so well with the wooden floor and side tables. The huge glass windows throw in all the natural light and give the view of the skyline of the city. The tan modern bedroom bench is added for a high-end boudoir.

Pick a color theme

Moderne Brun
Designed by Ferreira’s Architectural Surfaces

A bedroom that is all about stylish simplicity. This uncomplicated design with a grey color theme is perfect for a modern yet minimal bedroom example. The shelf on the backdrop with printed wallpaper can serve the purpose of a headboard as well as a storage shelf.

The Elemental

The Elemental
Designed by Ashwin Architects

This wall-mounted bed is a piece of perfect stylish furniture for the modern bedroom. The patterned backdrop curates an aesthetic feel. The wooden cupboard on one side of the room provides plenty of storage for your essentials. The room also has a cozy nook for your solitary time with the outside view.