Tropical Kids Space

Kids are true fans of bunk beds. They are playful, fun, save space, and a creative element in room designing. Bunk beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. In the modern era, bunk beds are not just restricted to kids’ rooms. These have become a feature of guest rooms and adult bedrooms too. We have tried our best to get you 31 best bunk room designs in this article.

Beachy Feels

Beach style kids room
Designed by Joseph Olson Interiors

Bunk beds carry a multitude of verticle advantages. This bunk room is designed keeping the beach vibe alive. White and blue color theme and the huge fish hanging on white walls do justice to the theme.

Functional Space

beautifully functional space
Designed by Hearth and Haven Design

This modern bunk room is all about saving space and sleeping soundly in a world of style and fun. The queen size lower level is perfect if you have a growing teen. Wooden flooring, white shiplap bunk, and pretty fixtures give a girly vibe to the room.

Classic Bunk

Clifford Residence
Designed by Ed Hughey, Architect & Realtor

Look at this classic bunk bed design which is making a big household comeback in a whole new way. Simple bunk beds are given a totally new style just by the mere addition of open storage with beautiful tropical prints as the backdrop.

Smart Designing

Contemporary Kids
Designed by StudioLAB

Give your children enough space to rest and work. This room is smart designing in itself depicting plenty of storage below the stairs and lower bunk. Add a beautiful wallpaper and divide the area into bunk beds and a study station. Keep adding hints of color here and there.

Swiss Chalet Bunk Room

Kids Bunk room with a Lake Theme
Designed by Urbanology Designs

A genius blend of ergonomics and an assortment of delightful aesthetics, this contemporary bunk room is to swear by. All wooden and leather components add a chalet vibe to the room. Plenty of things like the fish art on the wall, the oar, blue linen, etc. give an aqua feel to the room.

Add Green to the Simplicity

mid sized transitional boy carpeted
Designed by Green Tech Construction

If you love simplicity, never be afraid to boast your choice while designing. This simple yet elegant bunk room is for those who love carpet flooring, simple metal beds, and an over-all beige vibe. The green color on all the metal elements in the room pops up the whole room.

Space Optimization

Mid sized transitional gender neutral carpeted kids
Designed by CWB Architects

Certain wall units offer integrated closets and study areas, all but transforming them into miniatures bedrooms unto themselves. The use of hints of color makes this room kid-friendly. Coloring the insides of bunk in the bright blue shade has uplifted this design.

Stick to a Color Scheme

Mid sized transitional gender neutral
Designed by Ocean Architecture

For the adult and child alike, this color theme makes the room seem to be appropriate for all. This four-bed bunkroom helps you accommodate your guests without any hustle or even hold a slumber party for your kid. The whole place is kept simple and is finished in grey and blue shades.

Monochrome Beauty

Mountain Medern Ski ome
Designed by Newschool Builders LLC

This design proves that even guest rooms can benefit immensely from smart bunk bed designs. The monochrome color theme makes it appealing for guests of any age and doesn’t make the room seem like a kid’s room.

Cozy Living

Mountain style shiplap wall bedroom
Designed by Marea Clark Interiors

Draw inspiration from this design if you are a fan of small and petite nooks in your house. This mountain style shiplap green walls and bunk forms a cozy resting space for you. With proper lighting, linen, and carpet the beauty is increased folds.

Seaside Retreat

Seaside Retreat
Designed by ERT Architects, Inc

Mid-sized beach style kids’ room has a medium tone wood floor, gray bunk with storage, white shiplap walls, and a huge window to keep the room bright and airy. This room is designed for a kid who is into sailing, while you can always choose your kids’ likings and then design accordingly.

Timber Frame Home

Timber Frame Home
Designed by PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes-Southwest Idaho
A bunk room adds character to the upstairs of this home. The timber framing and pipe railing give it a feel of industrial earthiness. This farmhouse room is perfect for a huge family. It is designed in a way to maximize the utilization of your space.

Blue Details

Transitional Kids bedroom
Designed by Joseph Olson Interiors

Addition of blue while coloring your bunk bed or while selecting a rug or while adding a bit of blue in the throws gives a whole new dimension to the otherwise boring white room. This transitional gender-neutral room has light tone wood floor, shiplap white walls, and plenty of bunk space for your growing kids.

Add Strategic Storage

Wood panels with custom beachy blue granite finish
Designed by Solanna Design & Development LLC

As with every other aspect of interior design, there is no ‘one solution fits all’ in case of bunk rooms but the priority is always optimum space utilization. This room has storage below the bunk, two single cupboards, and even an open back bookshelf that solve all the storage problem. An additional reading nook by the window is the wow factor of this room.

Be Playful

Beach style kids room
Designed by Revision LLC

This is not a proper bunk room but it fulfills all the demands that a bunk bed can fill up. Using small single beds and then using even the loft space for a bed is a great way to play around while designing. The room is still left with plenty of space for the kids to play around.

Don’t be Afraid of Grey

beige floor kids
Designed by Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

With ample drawer space, built-in shelves, and climbing capacities, this contemporary room is an updated prototype of bunk rooms. The whole room is designed in grey color whether it is the walls, the bunk beds, the ottomans, or the storage. Light wood floors and countertops add contrast to the room.

White Barnhouse

Black Modern Farmhouse
Designed by Linc Thelen Design

Speaking of design styles and themes that fit in with adult bedroom ambiance, the rustic cabin looks perfectly fits the bill. Paint your barn all white while keeping hints of wooden textures alive, you can get yourself an industrial charming cottage.

Design a Fort

Brown floor and wallpaper kids room idea
Designed by Norman Design Group, Inc.

It is not always about storage, space, and frugality. One fact about kids: they will not put up with any decor that is dull and boring. Add curtains to give the kids their very own fort, wallpaper backdrop, and rolling stairs and awe them with these little nuances.

Traditional Wainscot Walls

Bunk room with traditional wainscot walls and molding
Designed by Beringer Fine Homes
This bunk room with traditional wainscot walls and molding is a refined beauty. Ideal for smaller spaces or single occupants, or simply those who are looking for a more unique and delightful bedroom scheme, these bunk bed idea is sure to elicit some serious sleepover requests.

Coastal Vibes

coastal boy light wood floor
Designed by Sea Light Design-Build
Bunk rooms need not always mimic the boring design of mundane dorm rooms and often have a casual and exciting vibe that perfectly captures your holiday mood. This 6-bed bunk room is kept all white with hints of blue to keep the coastal theme alive.

Petite Abode

Coastal carpeted
Designed by Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Convert the smallest of space into a kids’ bedroom by fitting in custom made bunk beds in the room. The addition of a petite reading nook explains how beautifully space has been utilized. The beige carpet flooring provides space for kids’ to sit down and play as much as they like.

Exposed Beam and Shiplap Ceiling

Exposed beam and shiplap ceiling kids room

The exposed wooden beam on the shiplap ceiling and sliding doors add a rustic feel to this bunk room. Classic blue and white color scheme are applied, that always works for boys’ room. This bunk room also features a study table and plenty of space for kids to play in.

Consider Minimalism

Large beach style
Designed by Beau Clowney Architects

Bunk beds are also a great fit for cozy ski-chalet like this one. The designer has kept the room minimalist without adding unwanted fuss. These comfy beds are a nice mixture of natural wood and sleek metal accents.

Creative Railingslarge transitional gender neutral carpeted and gray floor

Another very efficient bedroom design with creative railings for the top floor. Four bunk beds are neatly combined into a compact unit with a single and simple stair at the center. Grey carpet floor and all-white theme keep the room bright.

Redesign Loft Space

Mid sized contemporary Kids bedroom
Designed by Juliet Gold Design

This adult loft-bed is the more stylish version of normal bunk rooms. This modern loft room shows just how practical bunk beds can be. Instead of occupying this beautiful and spacious room with individual beds scattered on the floor, the designer chose a more space-efficient approach and used the remaining space as workspace.

Neutral Glam

Mountain style kids room
Designed by Whitten Architects

The neutral and pretty bunk room is a stylish and very welcoming retreat with an interior design that makes the most of the view and available space. The bunk beds have an extra cozy feel to it and have large pull out drawers underneath for easy storage.

Plenty of Sneaky Storage

Neutral dark wood floor
Desgined by Ellwood Interiors

There are a lot of great features worth mentioning when talking about this room, but we will limit ourselves to only discussing plenty of storage that makes this design super-efficient and versatile. In addition to the pull out drawers, the top floor and space between the two beds are also converted into storage. The dark wood floor contrasts well with the white furniture.

Rustic Light Wood

Rustic light wood floor
Designed by KAM Designs

Bunk beds also seem to be a nice fit for this rustic chalet. The whole room is made of wood and has a warm and homey vibe to it. These large bunk bed units seem all cozier as you snuggle under a warm blanket in one of those snug niches, even as it starts to snow outside.

The More the Better

Stone Cliff contemporary
Designed by McQuay Architects

In the case of this bedroom, the designers found a great way to integrate the kids’ bunk room into the master bedroom in an unconventional way by creating a hybrid room for all. This bedroom has a master bed and plenty of space for the couple but also has their kids’ bunks so that they can check on their kids at night.

Contemporary Layout

Trendy kids room
Designed by McQuay Architects

If you are still worried that the bunk bed is a child’s game, rest assured that many adults are opting for the on-trend uber modish 21st-century bunk bed. This room has an amazing view along with a work station and is ideal for adults who are a fan of bunk beds.

Tropical Kids Space

Tropical Kids Space
Designed by Stewart Rodriguez

Why not make the bunk room extra special by giving it a fun and unique theme. This bunk room is designed to give a tropical jungle vibe to the room. With a model like this one, the little ones will spend more time in their rooms. The use of turquoise color makes the room a lot cooler and more hip.