Mid Century Bathroom Design

Whenever we talk about mid-century design, the first thing to keep in mind is the use of wood and how well it goes with the background. Mostly, you will deal with a wood and white combination. No doubt there are a lot of other ways too to design such a bathroom. But the most important element of such bathrooms is their wooden cabinets. So, in this article, we bring to you a gallery of 31 mid century bathroom design ideas.

Elegance Personified

Alcove shower
Designed by Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.

If you have got a tall ceiling to work with, pendant lights can be an excellent way to bring in that retro feel. The shower area with mosaic tile flooring is divided by placing a hinged glass shower door. Medium tone wood cabinets on grey tile flooring are a staple of this style.

Best of Coastal

Best of Coastal theme
Designed by Coastal Home Photography, llc

One of the quintessential mid-century design features is mosaic tiles and the effect from these look so retro. This type of tile has not been in vogue for a while, but it’s coming back and it serves a great accent, especially when done in color. The bath area is separated by a glass wall and features blue tiles.

Glaze Addition

Maple Bluff Addition
Designed by MoTiS

Mid-century modern style is all about dark wood that contrasts with the white walls. The effect is interesting because it adds a bit of visual interest to space. This bathroom takes the game a notch higher because of the addition of glazed black tiles in the shower area.

Raw yet Defined

Medium tone wood cabinets
Designed by Referbish Group Inc.

The easiest way to add a retro flair to an already existing space is by adding wood to an all-white bathroom. It has a drop-in bathtub, white concrete floor, medium tone wood cabinets, wood countertops, flat-panel cabinets, white walls, vessel sinks, and two unique shaped mirrors with wood frame.

Peach Glow

Mid century modern kids
Designed by Lewis / Schoeplein architects

If you are going to bring in colors, you might as well make them pastels; pink or peach are big favorites. There is nothing more 50s Housewife than a baby pink vanity table. It is not only feminine but also authentic to the period. The bathroom features a one-piece toilet, porcelain tile floor and walls, an under-mount sink, glass wall for natural light and white quartz countertops.

Add Colors

Designed by Sarro Design

In this bathroom, you have got a whole lot of colors for yourself. It is not necessary to always work with white and woods. Absorb this design. It has a mix of colors, white, and wood. This huge bathroom has a separate shower area with multicolored subway tiles and mosaic flooring. Walls and countertop are in blue color and the floor is done with white tiles.

Oak Street

Oak street
Designed by Rossington Architecture

Bring in a lot of oak by adding it to cabinets and doors. The bathroom features a floating dual vanity, backdrop lit with light, white walls, and concrete floor. There is a separate walk-in shower space separated by a glass door.

Open Arena

Open concept
Designed by Jamie Bush & Co.

Take a look at this design and notice a simplicity. Convert your backyard into an open and romantic bathroom. Add a freestanding tub and some furnishing in wood and you are good to go. This bathroom has a rustic vibe due to the presence of wood and plants.

Rising Glen

Rising glen
Designed by Studio Jhoiey Inc.

You might love this one because it is an example of grandeur. This bathroom has its very own sauna and an outdoor bathtub. Other things worth noticing are wooden floating vanity with vessel sinks and black countertop, black mosaic flooring, and the use of wood in wall and ceiling.

Mauve Magic

Vessel sink
Designed by Amy Friedberg Design

A beautiful and simple design! It has unique pendant lamps above rustic wood wall-mounted open shelf vanity. The mauve textured paint, round mirror, vessel sink, and black faucet glam up this minimal look.

Vintage Tiles

Vintage feel
Designed by propertylab+art

If you have been overlooking or otherwise ignoring your floorspace, rectify that mistake by giving it a brand new pattern. That will allow you to keep the rest of your bathroom neutral, like adding a simple wooden vanity with white countertop and vessel sink. Walls are painted in blue and the shower area is distinguished by glass walls and white tiles on the wall.

Retro Woodwork 

Designed by EBHCI

The drawers of any bathroom cannot be missed and work especially well if the vanity is made out of wood, which is even echoed in the mirror frames used here for a cohesive look. Everything else is kept in white so that it does not disrupt the aesthetic.

Black Dream

Black tile and mosaic tile
Designed by Konstrukt Photo

Example of a 1950s bathroom where the designer used black mosaic tile, medium tone wood floor and wall, vaulted ceiling, and white shiplap ceiling. We understand not all house has spacy room therefore this one line full bathroom is provided.

Kids Colorcart

Blue tile and porcelain tile
Designed by Robin’s Nest Interiors

This inspiration shows a bright blue subway accent wall, but you can infuse color in any feature you want to. Just notice how something like towels can add a pop of something. The bathroom has a grey porcelain tile floor, single-sink in a built-in vanity, white walls, and black cabinets for storage.

Accentuate with Brass

Double sink and vaulted ceiling
Designed by François Lévy Architecture + Interiors

Whether we are talking about faucets, handles, or light sconces, brass was best in the 1960s. So try and slip in brass accents in your space. Grey mosaic floor which goes all the way on the wall behind the freestanding bathtub is a key feature. White walls, double-sink, flat-panel medium tone wood cabinets, classic runner rug, and white countertop complete the look.

Patterned Walls

Elegant Modern
Designed by Lord Design

Speaking of geometric shapes, take a look at the visual interest created with this choice of wall patterns. This design feature a large mirror and two mirrors on the side above a white vanity that creates the illusion of more space. The use of wood in flooring and plants add liveliness to space.

Ancient Revival

Floating vanity
Designed by Whoa. Interiors

Floating wooden vanity and ceramic lamps/sculptures add the rustic effect to this bathroom. Rug and living plants even enhance the natural atmosphere. This mid-century modern master bathroom has a green tile floor, glass separated shower with grey floor and wall, double under-mount sink, white countertops, and plenty of windows for natural light.

Dominant Grey

Freestanding bathtub

One of the star colors of the mid-century modern color palette is grey. The dark grey cabinets contrast beautifully with the white and light grey. Walls and bathtub are in white and light grey is used in one of the walls, floor tiles, and in the countertop. All the bathroom accents like faucets, handles, etc are in black and a huge mirror is mounted on the wall in a black frame.

Bright and White

Gray floor bathroom
If you are a fan of white color, keep everything in your bathroom white. Accentuate the look by adding black accents like faucets, hangers, cabinet pulls, mirror frames, and shower fixtures. A hint of grey is visible in flooring, cabinets, and countertop.

Mid-century Modern

Large mid century modern
Designed by DISCELI Construction

If you are committed to authentic mid-century feel, wood paneling is the way to go. This bathroom has it on the ceiling which makes a strong statement. The designer went bold with bright red tile textured walls. Plenty of natural light is let in through a skylight. The rest of the attributes like flat-panel cabinets, under-mount sink, countertop, floating vanity, bathtub, and flooring are kept white.

Black & White

Master double sink bathroom
Designed by Melissa M. Mills Photography

There is a certain glamour that’s evident from having something as seemingly decadent as two mirrors. They certainly remind of the mid-century era. Black cabinets of the vanity bring contrast to the otherwise white room. It can be seen that all the fixtures are in gold which adds glamour to space. The use of pastel-colored rug on grey and white tile flooring is a great contemporary addition.

A Play with Wood

Mid-century Modern
Designed by Canyon Design Build

While patterns are certainly a part of the mid-century design so is simplicity and it is minimalism that can make the space feel timeless. Mid-century modern style always uses the elements of nature, like the wood used in vanity cabinets and bathtub, the view or presence of plants in the bathroom. Black subway half wall tiling adds the contrast to elevate the design.

Stone Age

Mid Century Revival
Designed by Robin’s Nest Interiors

Blessed with a huge space for your bathroom? Create a stone alcove shower space for yourself. This design mixes old and modern themes. White tiles on the wall, beige ceramic floor, vessel sinks on a white countertop, and flat-panel cabinets on a built-in vanity are things to notice. The pops of a classic chair and dressing mirror are a great addition.

Multicolored Mosaic

Midcentury Bathroom
Designed by crxconstruction

A shower made of glass or that has a glass door can open up space tremendously. Besides, this can be a great way to showcase an accent wall like the multicolored mosaic one in this picture. Other features include black honeycomb flooring, bright blue cabinets, white subway tiles on the wall, and an old-fashioned mirror.

Floral Inspiration

Modern mid century inspiration
Designed by PS212

Go bold by using a floral wallpaper all around your bathroom. Huge mirrors are placed on the wall and blue tiles matching the blue of the vanity are placed between the mirrors. The floor and countertop are kept neutral.

Amber Royale

Multicolored tile and ceramic tile
Designed by Stephen Moser Architect

Pops of color are always welcome and you can bring them into your space in whatever way you want. Like the use of yellow subway tiles in a transitional way focusing white under-mount tub. White subway ceramic tiles have been used throughout the space with flat-panel cabinets, double-sink vanity, and quartz countertop.

Antique Glory

Small Mid century
Designed by Beatrice Holland Designs & Interiors

If you are looking to recreate a mid-century style, that means to inject some stroking light fixtures. You can add other elements for the rest of the decor such as patterned tile on floor and wall, floating vanity, and hints of gold in everything.

Tones of Walnut 

Tones of walnut on white
Designed by QuarterLab Design Build

Unlike the kid’s bath, the master bathroom in this house is all grown up. Tones of walnut used in the vanity on an all-white bathroom work as mid-century kind of style. We are in love with this eye-popping canary yellow shower. The addition of the classic 1950’s lamp is a good accent for this space.

Egyptian Vibe

Wallpaper bathroom
Designed by In Detail Interiors

The use of brass in the vessel sink, mirror frames, cabinet pulls, and lamps give an ethnic indigenous feel. You will notice how this gives the space a cool, very modern vibe, almost like an updated vintage style. Flooring and cabinets are done in two different shades of grey. The backsplash is done in an artistic way where black stripes are featured on a brown wall that gives an Egyptian feel.

Luxurious Touch

White floor and double sink bathroom
Designed by Forte Building Group, LLC

What a vivid design! This large bathroom has everything and more to it. It features white porcelain tile floor, double-sink on white quartz countertops, light wood flat-panel cabinets on a floating vanity, white walls, a huge mirror, freestanding bathtub, a niche, and glass separated shower area. Look at that standing plant in the corner, a perfect element to add nature in this space.

South Eastern Spa

Wood wall freestanding bathtub
Designed by McCulley Design Lab

Having reclaimed dual wooden vanity in the bathroom with the same wood on the wall is surely the classic style of a mid-century modern bathroom. The freestanding bathtub on asymmetrically patterned tiles, an Asian lantern lamp, and that glass wall for a natural view gives the vibe of a spa where you can relax and rejuvenate.