Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

Lovers of decoration know it: all objects, even the most insignificant in their function, can bring a more decorative. Take the case of toilet paper storage. Whether it is an unwinder, a dispenser or a piece of furniture, it is essential for any home.

You can then choose the first product that passes or, on the contrary, decide to choose the most suitable storage for your room, but also the most decorative. In addition, it is a way to decorate your toilet without spending money.

24 toilet paper storage ideas

1 – A poetic and original shelf

A poetic and original shelf
A concrete shelf from the Lyon Béton brand that takes the shape of a cloud when you store toilet paper

Probably one of our favorite storage for toilet paper! We love this poetic and original shelf that takes the shape of a cloud as you store the rolls of toilet paper. We also love its “raw” concrete look.

2 – A toilet paper tree: the “PQtier”

A toilet paper tree the PQtier
A white toilet paper tree on which to store toilet paper rolls

Do you know this tree, the PQtier? You can find it in the most decorative toilets! A very original way to store and organize your toilet paper rolls. This tree changes appearance as you remove or add rollers ( different models available ).

3 – A toilet paper holder to put on

A toilet paper holder to put on
This free-standing unwinder can store up to three additional rolls

From the Bran collection from MADE, this toilet paper holder is intended for those who want a sober decoration in their toilet or bathroom. Its matte black metallic finish goes without any problem with a white piece.

4 – A bamboo unwinder

A bamboo unwinder
Entirely in bamboo, this unwinder seduces thanks to its very natural side

At Ikea, we put everything on the natural with a necessarily very Scandinavian style. This Ikea toilet paper storage is above all functional and it has the advantage of not rusting in this often humid room.

5 – A toilet paper basket for the country house

A toilet paper basket for the country house
With this toilet paper basket, you keep your country style

The country spirit invites itself in this basket of woven basketwork toilet paper. From the heritage collection, this Maisons du Monde object combines classicism and authenticity while being very practical.

6 – A cute unwinder

A cute unwinder
This cat head unwinder is placed on the wall

Koziol has designed a collection of toilet accessories with a feline theme. All cat lovers will appreciate this wall dispenser which puts a good mood in the decor.

7 – A vintage toilet paper holder

A vintage toilet paper holder
This engraved brass plate can accommodate a roll of toilet paper

The Madras collection from Anthropologie brings together a set of objects for the bathroom which have in common a floral engraving. The toilet paper holder is also in this vintage spirit, a certain favorite for lovers of flea markets.

8 – A geometric paper unwinder

A geometric paper unwinder
Trapezoid-shaped, this toilet paper holder suggests a light design

The Ferm Living brand, specialist in Danish design, offers a very refined and graphic version of the wall – mounted toilet paper holder. In chromed metal and wood, it is part of a rather minimalist approach.

9 – A honeycomb paper holder

A honeycomb paper holder
Inspired by the beehive, this paper holder can store up to 7 rolls

Very decorative with its honeycomb shape, this wooden wall storage will transform ordinary toilets into a truly original room. Its large storage (up to 7 rolls of toilet paper) is very practical.

10 – A minimalist paper holder

A minimalist paper holder
Combined with a metal grid, this double paper holder is an example of simplicity

Very trendy, metal storage is also available for toilets and especially for toilet paper. This type of support saves floor space while having a well-organized room.

11 – A humorous paper holder

A humorous paper holder
This sheep-shaped storage turns toilet paper rolls into wool

Who said toilets have to be sad? Certainly not the owners of this original toilet paper storage which confuses paper and sheep’s wool. To be preferred when you want to store a large quantity.

12 – A fun toilet paper holder

A fun toilet paper holder
This locker with nine compartments is a storage, but also a game

This free-standing wooden cabinet offers 9 spaces to store toilet paper rolls , but also to add crosses to play tic-tac-toe. An object both useful and fun that has its place in the toilet.

13 – An invisible storage cabinet

An invisible storage cabinet
This white free-standing cabinet plays discretion by subtly hiding the toilet paper rolls

The Japanese brand Yamazaki offers a piece of furniture capable of storing and hiding many rolls. It can also be used as a small side table next to the toilet and its small dimensions allow it to be installed almost anywhere.

14 – A toilet roll holder for children

A toilet roll holder for children
Shaped like a ghost from the Mario series, this small toilet paper dispenser is for video game fans

If your kids have their own bathroom, this toilet paper holder will definitely be their first choice to decorate their room. This ghost has hooked teeth so it is even easier to tear the leaves.

15 – A toilet roll holder with secret drawer

A toilet roll holder with secret drawer
This free-standing toilet paper holder has a small shelf and secret storage

Very classic in shape, this JosephJoseph toilet paper holder can store 4 rolls of toilet paper. Thanks to its small tablet, you can put down a book and a phone without danger. Its secret compartment is perfect for storing intimate products.

16 – A gold toilet paper holder

A gold toilet paper holder
Entirely golden, this wall dispenser adds a precious touch to your toilet

The Italian design brand Seletti plays on contrast by associating luxury with an object that is usually unwanted. This strange mixture gives a beautiful, original product, but also quite funny.

17 – An ingenious toilet paper holder

An ingenious toilet paper holder
To hang on the side of the toilet, this bracket does not need screws to be installed

Sometimes the toilet is so narrow that it is difficult to add a cabinet or a shelf to store your things. In this case, this unwinder to put directly on the edge of its water reserve is a really smart object and it can accommodate two rolls of toilet paper.

18 – A recycled plastic paper holder

A recycled plastic paper holder
This blue whale hides several rolls of toilet paper

In addition to having an adorable design, this wall mounted toilet paper holder was made from recycled plastic. It is therefore an ecological act to adopt this whale which will prove to be useful in the toilets.

19 – A trompe l’oeil toilet paper holder

A trompe loeil toilet paper holder
19 – A trompe l’oeil toilet paper holder

The toilets are one of the few rooms where you can let go of the humorous decor. With this unwinder in the shape of a photo film, we add to its decoration an object as useful as it is fun.

20 – A long neck toilet paper holder

A long neck toilet paper holder
This giraffe has such a long neck that you can put three rolls of toilet paper on it

This Danish design brand has imagined a toilet paper roll holder in the shape of a giraffe. Thanks to its long neck, it serves as an elegant storage. It’s hard not to notice her in a room like the toilet.

21 – A paper holder… which carries the paper!

A paper holder… which carries the paper
This wall dispenser seems to carry the paper as in weightlessness

House Doctor is a brand recognized for its everyday objects with a very contemporary and Scandinavian style. This cross-shaped wall dispenser supports the roll without being noticed, an example of discretion!

22 – A natural DIY piece of furniture

A natural DIY piece of furniture
A wooden storage that also acts as an unwinder

Both unwinder and storage space, this wooden cabinet is quite easy to make and allows you to recycle scrap wood. We love the natural side of this DIY that can be found in many interiors.

23 – A DIY toilet paper holder branch

A DIY toilet paper holder branch
A well-chosen branch can turn into a toilet paper holder

This paper holder is undoubtedly the most poetic of the selection and it is also very easy to make: a pretty branch, a decorative bird and a few screws to create a beautiful homemade toilet paper dispenser.

24 – A revisited skateboard

A revisited skateboard
This old skateboard is now a toilet paper dispenser

By replacing the wheels on this skateboard with a properly sized roller, the owner of this board designed an ingenious system for these toilets while paying homage to his favorite sport.

Where to buy original toilet roll dispensers?

This kind of object remains a niche product so there are ultimately quite a few really original unwinders. You can do a search on stores with many references like Amazon or go to more specialized stores like Made in Design. However, to have the most original unwinder, we recommend the DIY. This type of object is quite simple to make and you should not hesitate to be inventive.

How much does it cost to store toilet paper?

As a rule, the price is not very high. You can find items from € 5. In our selection, the most expensive product costs 110 €, but the average is more around 30 €. It is therefore quite possible to have fun without breaking the bank.

How to adapt a toilet paper storage to your decor?

You have to start by finding a storage suitable for the size of this room. This is all the more important as the toilets are often confined spaces and it is important not to overload them with too bulky objects.

In terms of decoration, look for storage that has a style similar to the rest of the room. If you can’t find it, your best bet is to choose a toilet paper storage that is minimalis t and therefore very discreet.