Storage Tips To Transform Your Interior

The storage methods follow each other and are not alike, but the watchword remains the same: tidying up helps people live better at home. So adopt these simple tips, room by room.

When everything is in order, our minds feel freer. Very regularly, I take the time to analyze the different rooms in my apartment to find new ways to make it more optimized and practical on a daily basis. A fortiori when we live with several people, to cohabit all together, avoiding our interior to turn into a mess, here are 21 storage tips to use in all the rooms of the house.

Our advice for an organized and functional kitchen

1 – Organize your cupboards using homemade storage

Organize your cupboards using homemade storage
A few pieces of wood are enough to make this kitchen cupboard organizer

Stacked on top of each other in the cupboard, these molds, dishes, and wire racks are not at all practical to grab. While installed vertically, thanks to a home-made arrangement, they are all within reach.

2 – Transfer everything into transparent containers

Transfer everything into transparent containers
Transparent jars for storing dry food in the kitchen

What often prevents us from optimizing the delicatessen in the kitchen cupboards is the format of the different containers in which the products are when we buy them. Storage tip to see more clearly: everything is poured into suitable glass jars, like those you can find at Maisons du Monde. Spices in the smaller ones, rice and lentils in the medium ones, and finally flour and pasta in the larger ones.

3 – Accessorize your cupboards to save space

Accessorize your cupboards to save space
A shelf for stoves and dishes in the kitchen cupboards

Stacking pans or dishes in kitchen cupboards is commonplace. However, it is really not practical on a daily basis. To make life a little easier, however, there is the “shelves” option on which each utensil can be placed and caught in the blink of an eye.

Our storage ideas for an airy bathroom

4 – Make a bathtub apron with storage

Make a bathtub apron with storage
A homemade bathtub apron with storage

Notice to DIY enthusiasts! By making your own bathtub apron with integrated storage, you will gain practicality in the bathroom. A few metal baskets to slide shower gel and accessories, and in the blink of an eye, nothing is left visually.

5 – Add compartmentalized baskets under the basin

Add compartmentalized baskets under the basin
Bet on compartmentalized fabric baskets in the bathroom drawers

If there’s one room that things tend to pile up in, it’s the bathroom. To remedy the problem, we adopt compartmentalized baskets in the drawers and cupboards to have everything within reach and at hand. Ideal storage tip to avoid duplicates, and therefore accumulation.

6 – Roll the towels to gain practicality

Roll the towels to gain practicality
When rolled up, towels are easier to grab

Here is an ultra-practical trick to access your towels easily without encroaching too much on the space in the cupboards. Thanks to this type of open metal storage, your towels can be installed in a spa-style roll on top of each other. An idea that can obviously be used on a shelf or in a piece of furniture.

Our selection of storage accessories for a clear and practical bedroom

7 – opt for a practical bedside table

opt for a practical bedside table
Books, lamp, alarm clock, magazines, glasses, night mask … this bedside can accommodate your little mess in all discretion

If you are part of the “accumulation” team on the bedside table, it is because the bedside table is clearly not suited to your needs! Thanks to its two shelves and its drawer, this bamboo model signed IKEA without hesitation obtains the palm of the most optimized bedside!

8 – Hang a compartmentalized pocket

Hang a compartmentalized pocket
Replace the bedside table with a compartmentalized pocket if you run out of space in the bedroom

If you don’t have room for a bedside table, you can also opt for a compartmentalized felt pocket that fits over the edge of the bed. A book, glasses, or even a remote control can be easily slipped into it when it’s time to sleep.

Our space-saving furniture for an orderly living room

9 – Store toys in a vintage cabinet

Store toys in a vintage cabinet
This furniture with compass feet from the 50s allows children to store their toys in the living room

Living with children’s toys in the living room, ok, but not just any old way! Install for example a nice library vintage in which stackable books and towers are harmoniously installed.

10 – Arrange a shelf behind the sofa

Arrange a shelf behind the sofa
A minimalist and long shelf behind the sofa

Do you lack storage in the living room, but you do not know what to bet on at the risk of cluttering the room too much? What if the space behind the sofa – when the latter is not glued to the wall of course – accommodated a long minimalist shelf? Decorative objects, books or even documents stored in pretty boxes find their place easily.

Our good storage plans for a sorted and organized dressing room

11 – Integrate clothing organizers

Integrate clothing organizers
Organize your t-shirts with this light and practical organizer

What’s more annoying in the walk-in closet than the piles of T-shirts that crumble when the one you want to wear is all underneath? Storage tip to avoid being confronted with this situation again, adopt without further delay these plastic organizers which reveal your clothes one by one, like the pages of a book.

12 – Store the pants vertically

Store the pants vertically
Save space in your drawers by storing your clothes vertically

The method signed by Marie Kondo no longer has to prove its worth in our cupboards. Our favorite: fold clothes (t-shirts, sweaters, pants, or even underwear) so that they can be placed upright in a drawer or a fabric storage basket. Space-saving and practicality guaranteed!

13 – Choose curved shelves for shoes

Choose curved shelves for shoes
A shoe cabinet optimized in space thanks to curved shelves

By curving the shelves of your shoe cabinet, you save yourself a lot of space in the walk-in closet or the hallway in which it is located.

Our storage tips for a reorganized and feel-good office

14 – Insert small boxes in the desk drawers

Insert small boxes in the desk drawers
Organize your office drawers using cardboard trays to compartmentalize

Highlighters here, masking tape rolls there … thanks to a multitude of small cardboard storage tips, your desk drawers become more practical than ever to accompany you on a daily basis.

15 – Free up the office with sliding drawers

Free up the office with sliding drawers
The printer is hidden in a cupboard thanks to a simple sliding drawer

Not very pretty and especially cumbersome, the printer is a bit of a pet peeve of the office. To prevent it from taking up too much space on your tray or dust placed on the floor, you still have the option: sliding drawer in a cupboard.

Our inspirations for an easy and tidy children’s room

16 – Increase the number of accessible storage spaces

Increase the number of accessible storage spaces
Ikea’s Kallax shelf is super practical in a child’s room

If you want your children to tidy up their room, it is essential to install practical and easily accessible furniture and accessories in this room. Lockers, baskets, boxes … by increasing the number of storage spaces fitted to their size, they will be able to get their hands dirty more naturally.

17 – Use the space under the bed

Use the space under the bed
A drawer under the bed to save storage in the children’s room

No loss of space in the children’s room when the space under the bed is used. Thanks to an arrangement on wheels consisting of a drawer, a multitude of games can be stored there!

18 – Install the books flat on the wall

Install the books flat on the wall
Practical shelves in the children’s room for storing books

Make use of the space under the bed, but not only! The walls also serve as a practical storage area thanks to this type of shelves in which the books are installed flat.

Our favorite tools for a fitted and practical laundry room

19 – Fix a wire mesh on the door to hang

Fix a wire mesh on the door to hang
Hang your household accessories on the laundry room door using a hook system

The laundry room door is often not used much. It’s a shame because, with well-designed arrangements, you can make it a very practical space to organize your household accessories for example. It doesn’t take much, as this wire mesh simply suspended from two hooks.

20 – Hang up a fabric organizer

Hang up a fabric organizer
Household products are hung on the door using an organizer

Another tip for storing your household products and accessories on the door: put a compartmentalized fabric organizer.

21 – Adopt plastic boxes to see everything

Adopt plastic boxes to see everything
Large transparent plastic boxes are very practical for storing shelves in the laundry room

Food reserves, DIY tools, files, creative hobby accessories, household products … if you are not careful, the laundry room can quickly become a cluttered space, in which you pile up all the things you do not know where tidy. The storage trick: organize everything in large transparent boxes to know what they contain, and that we label if necessary.

There is no secret, to keep the house tidy, it is essential to devote a little of your time to it every day. A schedule can be the solution to not get overwhelmed again.

Don’t be afraid to invest in boxes, dividers, drawer organizers, and cupboards that will not only make your day-to-day life easier but will help you always see more clearly when storing.

How to store easily and efficiently?

Keeping things in order every day is clearly the key to success when it comes to productivity when it comes to storage. It is indeed recommended to devote 15 minutes a day to this activity to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This FlyLady method, straight from America, advises taking back control of your house room by room by dividing it into zones and setting fixed storage slots. Devoting a quarter of an hour of your time each day to decluttering and tidying up, would allow you to have only one hour to spend on cleaning per week. It makes you want to get started, doesn’t it?

How to properly store your drawers?

The drawers quickly become real tote bags, so it is essential to regularly sort and get rid of things that are no longer needed. Once this step is completed, group the objects by categories. In a kitchen, for example, gather your different flours, pasta, or packets of rice. Then install them vertically in order to have visibility on everything. To help you keep that optimal storage, you can also add a few boxes, dividers, or drawer organizers.