White And Wood Kitchen Ideas

The warmth of a noble material such as wood together with the luminosity and versatility of white, recreate very harmonious and captivating spaces. Without a doubt, this is a very chosen combination for different styles and environments of the home.

But have you ever thought about this combination for your kitchen? This space, which was previously only for service, was gradually transformed into the center of the life of the home, also deserving a beautiful design.

More and more we can see wooden countertops, furniture, or details in the kitchen, integrating the Nordic, vintage, or rustic style; characterized by the use of wood as one of its main materials.

Here are 20 great ideas for designing a kitchen in wood and white. They will surely inspire you to incorporate this simple, but beautiful combination at the same time, in your kitchen.

1. A combination of light shades

A combination of light shades

This kitchen has a very minimalist air since it tries to maintain the same color palette by using very light wood together with white. Neither one stands out from the other, creating a harmonious and subtle space.

2. One wood, two uses

One wood two uses

In kitchens where two colors or materials predominate, it is normal to see that these are used on various surfaces in the space. Here we see how the wood stands out for being surrounded by the white furniture applied to the floor, but also to the countertop and the wall above it, taking the view there.

3. Wood takes center stage

Wood takes center stage

This material can be applied in many parts of the kitchen, as we saw it applied to the countertop and wall in the previous example, but also to auxiliary tables and organization cabinets as shown in this harmonious design.

4. A kitchen with dark wood

A kitchen with dark wood

In this kitchen, the wood with a darker and warmer tone takes a lot of prominences since it not only takes the floor and the furniture as in previous examples, but it can also be applied to the entrance door to the environment.

This type of wood adds a lot of personality to space, both for its contrast with white and for the very marked veins it has, adding a natural texture to the kitchen.

5. Covering the furniture under the counter

Covering the furniture under the counter

Using the visual heaviness of wood, due to its texture and color, in this kitchen design the furniture has been covered under the counter to give more air to the rest of the space and make it feel larger than it really is.

6. Wood as a detail in cupboards

Wood as a detail in cupboards

In this kitchen, the view is drawn upwards by the wood of the pantry doors, making the kitchen feel taller. This is another option to integrate only a portion of the kitchen with this material.

7. With all the furniture in wood

With all the furniture in wood

To generate a unit in the wall in this design, the same wood is used for the under-counter furniture and the cupboards, creating two lines of texture and color, parallel in space.

8. A white kitchen with warm details

A white kitchen with warm details

In this kitchen, white predominates, so the wooden details on the floating shelves stand out even more and are complemented by the gold of the handles on the furniture, due to their warm tones.

9. Only lines on wood

Only lines on wood

In this design, it was decided to use the same wood tone to create the superior details of the space such as the shelves and window frames, which stand out for their dark tonality. On the floor, a much lighter wood tone is used so as not to detract from the other elements.

10. With vintage airs

With vintage airs

Wood is not only used for kitchen furniture, as here we see it applied to the countertop, but you can integrate different furniture or decorative pieces to create a space with personality. In this kitchen, a small dining room with vintage furniture is added, which integrates different shades of wood.

11. Equipped with rustic furniture

Equipped with rustic furniture

In the rustic style wood is widely used, which transports us to the country houses of before. In this environment we see how the wood is incorporated into the floor, furniture under the counter, and the ceiling beams, giving it a very original style.

12. A rustic and modern kitchen

A rustic and modern kitchen

With the wooden beams on the ceiling, this kitchen takes us back to the rustic style. But thanks to the design of its furniture and the incorporation of a lot of white, it also accommodates modern design, with the top also in wood.

13. Structural details in space

Structural details in space

Another way to integrate the rustic style with the modern one is by keeping the structural details such as wooden beams or columns so that they stand out from the white kitchen. In addition, in this space, the dining room table was also added in wood to give it greater prominence.

14. Wood also on the ceiling

Wood also on the ceiling

In this kitchen the wooden ceiling structure is maintained, standing out in a completely white kitchen. This type of design is related in a subtle way to the rustic style.

15. Generating contrast with a dark color

Generating contrast with a dark color

To break with the clarity of white and wood, in this kitchen it was chosen to paint the wall black and integrate a more contemporary style to space. In this way, the classic combination of wood and white is revitalized.

16. Ideal for small kitchens

Ideal for small kitchens

White in small spaces visually increases space and luminosity, which is why a completely white design was chosen in this kitchen, but adding the detail of the wooden countertop to integrate design and texture.

17. Taking the wall with wood

Taking the wall with wood

A very original idea, which is sure to make your kitchen stand out. Here we see how the walls are transformed with wood in this completely white kitchen, adding texture and color.

18. From the countertop to the wall

From the countertop to the wall

With a wooden top and a focal wall with the same material, continuity of these two surfaces is created in the kitchen. In addition, wood is also present on the floor, taking all possible surfaces interspersed with white.

19. Highlighting a section of the kitchen

Highlighting a section of the kitchen

In a completely white kitchen, the center of wooden furniture stands out, which marks the food preparation section. With this decision, a warm detail is added and transforms that space with visual interest.

20. An inverted combination

An inverted combination

We saw many examples of white kitchens with wood accents, but this space declares that this combination can also be used in reverse. In this kitchen, all the furniture and even the floor are made of wood, giving them unity, and the immaculate white countertop stands out.

A combination of warmth and light

This combination is one that can be adapted to any size and style of kitchen, and with which you will always be right. The warmth and unique texture of the wood is integrated together with a color that conveys purity and clarity, ideal for service spaces such as the kitchen.

In addition to being beautiful and creating designer spaces, it is a timeless bet for your kitchen, especially if you choose white furniture and details such as the countertop, extra furniture, wooden floors, or walls.

Think no more! White and wood form a great pair for your kitchen, adapting to your personal style and transforming the space with warmth and light. We assure you that it is a combination that will be spectacular in any kitchen.