The bathroom is where we keep all our daily basic essentials things. But to keep them you need more storage but having a small bathroom doesn’t give us an option to store our products. So we have some ideas where you can be creative and store your items in a small bathroom.

Hanging Baskets on the Wall

You may not have as many belongings in a bathroom than a bedroom. A bathroom is incredibly practical, it is where you use the lavatory, brush your teeth and use the shower. There are items that need to be in a bathroom in order to use the room efficiently to store some toiletries that you need. Add baskets to the walls of your bathroom to add extra storage. This is a useful trick that adds personality to your bathroom.

Use a Tower of Buckets

Those who enjoy DIY projects going with a tower of buckets can help. This can become a creative way to store your Flatirons and lotions by tying some buckets together and hanging them from the ceiling or a wall. You can hang them with hooks for a fun look your bathroom doesn’t need to be boring it could be a lot of fun.

Under Sink Storage

Those who have a pedestal sink you don’t need to miss out on extra room for storage. If you have a pedestal sink you can consult a contractor or a home appliance store to fancy in a sink that wraps around the bottom of your sink. With this kind of creative thinking you had added and under the sink cabinet that allows you to store more items.

Doors Cabinets with Hooks

Don’t be afraid to look virtually anywhere for different places to use as storage. When you open up your cabinet under your sick you probably didn’t realize that you can even use the inside door as a means of storage by applying appliance hooks. You can hang items such as your hairdryer and other appliances. This frees up space in the actual cabinets for bigger items that you need room for.

Caddy Storage Above the Sink

Shelves can really help in any room in the house even the bathroom. If you look at an area between your sink and below the mirror. You can use this for extra shelving by placing items like a cup with your toothbrush in it or a tray with soap in it. You have freed up the
sink area for other items. This is also a more sanitary option especially when it comes to your private items like a toothbrush or razor.

Towel Bar Behind the Door

Just like with installing another shower rod doubling up on already established fixtures in the bathroom can really help with your storage problem. By installing two or even several towel racks on the back of your bathroom door. You can hang more towels you don’t need
to throw everything around. If you have decorative towels this is a nice way to display them for guests to see.

Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are used in many different areas of the house as a means for more storage. There is no reason why you cannot apply this practice to your bathroom. Using floating shelves allows you to play items. That you would have to clutter up other surfaces and away from your sink or toilet by not scattering everything about you’ve made your bathroom neater and more efficient.

Metal Toilet Shelf

Don’t have cabinets in your bathroom well buy more you can go online or any home furniture store for a cabinet unit. That goes around your toilet not only will you have more space but your cabinets will not take up any room in the bathroom. Plus everything is within reach for yourself. You can store toilet paper and towels or anything else you need storage for.

Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

Another creative way to add more storage in your bathroom install a floating shelf with a toilet paper holder. This is where you can play lotions, sanitary napkins and more on it. It is for small little knickknacks but these are the kinds of items that take up room that you can put off to the side for a room for other items elsewhere.

Hanging Mesh Pockets

Don’t think of a shoe organizer is something for just shoes. You can use a shoe organizer in your bathroom to help store little items for shampoo. And such you will be able to neatly organize your little knickknacks in the pockets in the shoe organizer. You can also hang this on the back of the door and also cut the item in half in the inside cabinet doors.

Wine Rack for Towels

A unique use of a wine rack uses it in your bathroom as a way to store your towels. You will be able to include style and practicality into your bathroom decor. Next time you are looking to repurpose old furniture look to use it as a way to store different items. You
might end up being really happy with the decision to use a wine rack to store your towels.

Vanity Drawer Organizer

For those that have a pullout drawer in your bathrooms cabinet sink, you can place a kitchen drawer organizer to store some of your little items. This can include toothpaste, toothbrushes and any other tools that you would like to store in an organized fashion. You may not think of a kitchen drawer for your bathroom but it is a creative way to utilize storage.

Baby Bath Toy Organizer

For those who have children, your kids will probably want to play in the bath from time to time. Where to put their toys though buy a toy box like you would have in your bedroom or living room to place all of the bathtime toys. In any rubber duckies that your child likes to play with doesn’t look to be out where it’s not bath time so store it neatly away.

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Before smartphones, people read magazines in the bathroom many still do. The question is where do you store them when you aren’t reading them. Well, an interesting way to store
your magazines is by using hangers. Yes, you can use a hanger instead of wasting a basket in magazines. This frees up your floor space and makes you celebrity gossip reading within arm’s reach.

Rolling Shelves Can Be Used Anywhere

When it comes to utilizing every inch of your bathroom for storage leave no stone unturned. The area between your sink and the toilet can fit a rolling shelf unit with wheels attached to the bottom. You can easily slide the cabinet in and output whatever you need in this shelving unit and keep it out of the way when you are not using it.

Fabric Sink Skirt

Ready for an easy way to store items in your bathroom by placing a skirt around a pedestal sink. You are creating the illusion of more storage instead of having an open area. The items would look sloppy if placed next to a skirt allows you to store items with no one being wiser. It’s a convenient hiding spot for you to consider.

Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy

A shower rack is probably one of the most common items used to store your shampoo and soap while in the shower. Hanging off the shower head typically you can place your
shampoos and soap to be accessible to you while you are in the shower. It adds more storage and convenience to your bathroom. You can get both a big one or a small one depending on your needs.

Bathroom Storage Ladder

We stated earlier that if you don’t have enough places to store your towels then you could end up lazily tossing one aside. This becomes sloppy looking and there is simply no need. A ladder shelf is a stylish way to store your towels and have them displayed. You won’t need to throw a towel on the floor anymore with this smart small bathroom storage idea.

Bin on the Side of the Sink

There are plenty of places in your bathroom for storage that you didn’t think of. Take the slide of your sink you can use this by attaching a bin to the sink. This will hold toiletries that you have no other room for you can apply just one or multiple depending on how much storage you are looking for and that’s all for now.