Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

Related to light, serenity, and nature, the Nordic style has been going strong in decoration for a few years. Its popularity is due to the fact that it creates cozy and functional spaces, who would not want to achieve that in their home?

Its main attribute is that it can achieve a simple and warm space at the same time, thanks to the special attention to details, materials, and colors. Scandinavian style can be applied to any space in your home, even your bedroom.

Next, we will tell you how you can integrate this style in your room, to incorporate all the best of Nordic decoration and achieve a cozy, beautiful, and functional atmosphere.

1. Give way to natural light

Give way to natural light

This style arises from the need of people in the Nordic countries, which are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, to spend the winter season inside their home due to the harsh climatic conditions. Therefore, this style seeks to achieve warm spaces that are related to nature, so as not to lose contact with the outside.

To achieve warm environments and enhance the connection with the outside, the entry of natural light is very important. That is why in this style the greatest possible entry of light is sought and care is taken not to block the windows to integrate the views into the bedroom.

2. Nordic style total-white

Nordic style total white

If the entry of light is very important in this style, so is being able to achieve bright spaces and the easiest way to do this is by using the color white. This tone integrates luminosity and visually expands any space, as well as being ideal for the room because it generates calm and is very versatile.

3. Choose a neutral color palette

Choose a neutral color palette

To create a simple bedroom related to the Nordic style, it is very common to choose a neutral color palette, with a great presence of white. With white, we get light, with gray elegance, and with black contrasting details.

This palette is made up of three neutral tones that combined, create a bedroom with a lot of personalities, but which is still simple.

4. A bedroom in white and gray

A bedroom in white and gray

Another option is to use color in different shades to generate visual interest, but without overloading the environment. Here we see how different shades of gray are used in bedding, bringing gaze there and creating a harmonious design.

5. Blend warmth with earth tones

Blend warmth with earth tones

A good way to integrate warmth into space is by using colors that cause those sensations, such as earth tones. To maintain the simplicity that characterizes this style, it is better to choose accessories in soft-earth tones and combined with white.

6. Incorporates black details

Incorporates black details

Although black is not a color used in large proportions, details in this tone are integrated into the Scandinavian style, which stands out against the soft color palette of the bedroom. In general, this color is used in decorative details, or small pieces, so as not to subtract light in the environment.

7. Add a single highlight color

Add a single highlight color

One way to create a very serene and stylish space is to create a bedroom in white and choose only one prominent color for certain details, which adds personality. Here we see that a very soft blue is used in the headboard, cushions and candle holders, to achieve a unity in space.

8. A cozy space with textiles

A cozy space with textiles

Warmth is not only generated in the room by sunlight or colors, but textiles are also of great importance. They make space feel more inviting and in a bedroom, they are essential because they decorate and add style to the bed, the most important piece of the space.

9. Play with textures

Play with textures

Just as textiles are very important in the Scandinavian style, you can also play with the different textures to add a lot of visual interest to your bedroom. In bedding, pillows, rugs, poufs, and much more, you can add textures that are a delight to the eye and to the touch.

10. Add wood accents

Add wood accents

Related to nature and warmth, wood is a very active participant in the Nordic style, taking part in the floor and also the furniture. In addition, it is a material that, combined with white, achieves a very modern and beautiful space.

11. Choose designer furniture

Choose designer furniture

Surely you have heard of Nordic style furniture or the famous Ikea store, which in their designs integrate the bases of this style to create simple, functional and beautiful pieces. Scandinavian-style furniture has been all the rage, for its ability to adapt to any space and add a design element.

In the bedroom, tables, chairs, or lamps of this style are widely used that add decorative and quality detail to the environment.

12. Add nature to your spaces

Add nature to your spaces

What better way to integrate the outdoors into your bedroom than with plants? A very beautiful option that integrates nature into your room. You can choose real or artificial plants that, in addition to evoking nature, integrate a color detail in the space.

13. Replica the light with mirrors

Replica the light with mirrors

In addition to helping you color the room, you can use mirrors to replicate natural light. This element, in addition to being functional to increase the luminosity, will also serve you to decorate, dress, make up, and even take photos.

14. Decorate with minimalist art

Decorate with minimalist art

A Nordic space must be simple and beautiful, so the decoration you choose for it must also comply with those rules. Opt for graphic or abstract paintings, small decorative pots, and baskets to organize, in this way you will achieve a dreamy Nordic room.

15. Functionality and style

Functionality and style

As we told you before, Scandinavian furniture is characterized by being beautiful, simple, and very functional, so each piece in a space of this style should meet those characteristics.

Choose furniture for your bedroom that is useful and helps you create a beautiful atmosphere. For example, in the photo, we see how simple white shelves are used to organize and also decorate the room.

16. Mixing different decorative styles

Mixing different decorative styles

The Nordic style is very flexible and can be combined with pieces of other aesthetics, to create a very personal bedroom. In this room, we see that the colors, textiles, wood, and plants of the Nordic style are integrated, but it is combined with an iron bed and a vintage- trend armchair.

17. Bet on minimalism

Bet on minimalism

The best way to integrate the essence of simplicity and calm of the Scandinavian style is through a stripped bedroom, with minimalist airs. To create a calm atmosphere it is best to choose an environment that is not overloaded and has only the necessary pieces.

In this bedroom, we find the number of pieces to a minimum and almost all the elements are white. The small details in color and wood stand out, as well as the presence of a single plant, pieces that are related to the Nordic style.

18. The coziest place: The bed

The coziest place The bed

When we think of a room, we inevitably think of the bed first. This is the most important piece in the space, so it must have the presence it deserves. To achieve a warm bedroom as the Nordic style dictates, the bed must look and be very cozy.

It is best to opt for quality bedding and mix different textures to give it more visual interest. You can also integrate a blanket on the feet and frame the bed with a designer rug, to add to create a magazine design.