rustic bedroom decorations ideas

With country house airs and a unique warmth, the rustic style is being used again in various environments of the home. Both in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms, which we will see in this article, you can appreciate the beauty and comfort that this style gives us.

The rustic interiors are characterized mainly by the use of noble materials such as wood and stone, transporting us to the old constructions of country houses. Also very important in this style is the relationship with nature, through the views to the outside through the windows, the use of plants, and natural fabrics.

Without a doubt, these are captivating spaces where you will want to spend long summer afternoons and winter nights, enjoying a very cozy space. Here are some very inspiring ideas to integrate rustic style into your bedroom.

1. The spotlight on the ceiling

The spotlight on the ceiling

This space has very modern features, which are interrupted by the use of logs to decorate the ceiling. A structure is formed with them, simulating that of old wooden houses.

In addition, we see the use of different wood tones in other pieces of furniture, which stand out in a space in which white predominates.

2. Raising the bed on wood

Raising the bed on wood

Set the box spring aside and add a raw wood base to elevate your bed and add style. In this bedroom, we see how the tone of the wood in the base is combined with the slats on the floor and wall, which integrate very interesting textures.

3. 360 ° wood


In this safe bedroom, you feel like you are in a mountain retreat. Wood with a very worn look is used, which presents a great variety of colors and a unique texture, taking all the limits of the space and becoming the focal point of it.

4. Perfect combination of white and wood

Perfect combination of white and wood

A very balanced bedroom, with wooden details that stand out from the white decoration. The wood in the ceiling and windows is complemented by the beige tones of the bedding and the floor, creating a very serene and warm space.

5. Mix of textures on the walls

Mix of textures on the walls

The walls are the protagonists in this high-rise bedroom. With a work texture that mixes stone, brick and plaster, it undoubtedly becomes the highlight of the space, taking our eyes to the great wooden ceiling that crowns the bedroom.

6. In connection with nature

In connection with nature

Sunlight enters through a wooden window framed by several curtains and nature is integrated into the bedroom. This space also stands out for its stone walls, which contrast with the roof of a more modern style, taking the rustic style to a more modern plan.

7. Warmth in different textures

Warmth in different textures

Nothing relates better to a rustic space than a very cozy refuge. This function is fulfilled by the bed in this bedroom, mixing different natural and leather textures that automatically transport you to the coldest winter.

8. Intimacy and style

Intimacy and style

A different way of integrating wood in a bedroom that combines modernity with rustic style. The bed frame makes it the center of the space and gives you the privacy you need to take long naps.

9. A rustic and romantic bedroom

A rustic and romantic bedroom

The upper structure in light wood draws attention by contrasting with more elegant elements such as the ceiling chandelier. This bedroom maintains the foundations of its rustic past with the ceiling, fireplace, and floor, but adds vintage details to the furniture that create a shabby chic style space.

10. Softening the wood

Softening the wood

To relate the wooden beams a little more with the impeccable color of the bedroom, it is chosen to soften its tone, leaving it raw and with its texture insight. On the floor, it was decided to mold the wood to the palette of the space creating a rustic but simple bedroom.

11. Rustic minimalism

Rustic minimalism

As you read, these two styles can be combined. In a white bedroom and with the right pieces, the wooden headboard stands out, integrating the texture and visual interest of this noble material.

12. Contrasting the modern with the rustic

Contrasting the modern with the rustic

In a predominantly rustic space due to the stone walls, the old tile floors, and the wooden ceiling, it is decided to incorporate a piece of furniture as it runs through the entire space, creating different functions. Due to its white color, it complements very well with the rustic style, achieving a unique bedroom.

13. Great vintage details

Great vintage details

If rustic spaces take us back to country houses, opting for vintage elements to decorate the bedroom walls seems to be the best option. These decorations, generally in metal, iron, or wood, integrate new colors and textures into space, as here we see that very original black details are added.

14. A textured roof

a textured roof

Our view goes upwards, drawn by the texture of the wood in the slats of the ceiling of this room. On the floor, it is complemented by wood in another tone and the beige carpet, which integrates more texture into the bedroom design.

15. The attic room

the attic room

This ceiling is the dream of every lover of rustic style. Not only does it allow you to have tall and beautiful spaces, but its structure also serves to hang a hammock, as in this room. The environments in the attic of the houses are preferred in the rustic decoration.

16. A blank rustic space

blank rustic space

Of course, a completely white room can also be integrated into the rustic decoration. In this bedroom both walls and ceiling are white, but you can still see its structure that gives a very subtle rustic style.

17. With wooden details

With wooden details

Wood and white are some of the favorite combinations within the rustic style. Integrate the warmth of wood and the brightness of white to create very cozy bedrooms. Look in this space how the ceiling beams, the window, and the floor are connected by their material, resulting in a very balanced space.

18. Under the warmth of the fire

Under the warmth of the fire

What would a rustic space be without a fireplace? When we think of old and cozy spaces, fireplaces come to mind. Nothing better than resting and having tea watching the changing flames of the fire on winter nights.

An ideal retreat: the rustic bedroom

After seeing the photos of these bedrooms, you have surely come out more in love with the rustic style than before. It is that we cannot avoid it, the warmth that it generates is captivating and makes us want to spend a few hours there relaxing.

The rustic style has been around for a long time, but more and more it can be seen combined with another style that seems opposite, to give way to beautiful and original bedrooms. Along with the modern, minimalist, and vintage style, among others, you can create spectacular spaces, without giving up the warmth of the rustic.

So you already know, if you are looking for a cozy, warm bedroom related to nature, the rustic style is ideal for you. You can apply it alone or also combine it with another style of decoration that you like to find very personal space.