Removable Partition Ideas to Separate Rooms Without Work

The removable partition is the essential element to delimit different small corners in the same room or in an apartment. Whether in your bedroom, in the living room or to suggest an entrance when you do not have one, the removable partition will inevitably find its place in any style of apartment, especially in the smallest. It is, moreover, very easy to install, sometimes even without drilling, and adaptable to different heights under the ceiling. It is a very interesting decorative accessory that we sometimes tend to forget. So, to remedy this, I have deciphered for you the latest trends, their advantages and disadvantages so that you can make your choice with ease.

1- The removable partition without drilling

The removable partition without drilling
Removable partition to be installed without drilling, white color, openwork

This is the big trend of this year. I am a tenant and am embarking on work to rearrange my apartment, it’s always a little tricky. I do not necessarily have the authorization of my owner and I do not want to incur large costs either. The solution? The removable partition without drilling! I choose an openwork partition, it separates the space while allowing light to pass through. It is a very decorative element, there are all kinds of them and it can really add value to an interior. The removable partition without drilling is easily fixed by jacks, so there is no need to make holes in the ceiling.

2 – The sliding removable partition

The sliding removable partition
A sliding white canopy to separate the kitchen and the dining room

It is sometimes useful to redefine the different spaces of our apartment, especially when we have an American kitchen, open to the living room. It’s practical, but, in terms of decoration, the view of the pile of dishes, pots, and tea towels, it’s not every day pleasant. With the sliding partition, I then have an open or closed kitchen depending on the time of day. When I cook, it is closed to limit odors, when I entertain, it remains open to facilitate circulation. Depending on my interior, I choose it rustic, classic, contemporary or even design. The only downside is that it is still very fragile and must be handled with care.

3 – The inexpensive removable partition

The inexpensive removable partition
Removable partition made using Kallax IKEA black-brown shelves

For small budgets, small apartments, or for students in shared accommodation, I chose an IKEA removable partition. Thanks to the famous KALLAX shelf from the Swedish brand, I create a semi-solid wall that also becomes a clever storage unit. I delimit the space by positioning it in the middle and the two sides of the room thus remain easily accessible. Small budget, maximum storage, to choose in white color, in a small area, to avoid losing brightness.

4 – The plant removable partition

The plant removable partition
To create an original separation, we install a plant partition using hanging shelves and pretty pot covers

It’s a very simple idea but guaranteeing a maximum effect, I like the idea of ​​creating a plant removable partition using suspended shelves in which we will install pretty pots of green plants. This is the perfect idea to separate, for example, your living room from a dining area. And then, the green plants in the house, it always feels good!

5 – The removable glass-style partition

The removable glass style partition
Removable glass-style partition in black aluminum with transparent glazing to delimit the entrance to the apartment

Having become a staple for years now, the glass roof style removable partition adapts to all styles and types of apartments. Sliding, with or without a door, with fixed or opening frames, composed of transparent or opaque glazing, is largely inspired by the industrial style. One of its main advantages is that there is plenty of light wherever I choose to install it in the apartment. With the glass roof style, I give a chic side to my apartment and I am almost certain not to make a mistake.

6 – The removable partition to compose yourself

The removable partition to compose yourself
Removable white metal partition with frosted glass to separate the bedroom from the bathroom

If I want to compose myself, easily, the removable partition that I have been thinking about for months, I opt for the Leroy Merlin removable partition. With its frosted glass panes and its gray, black or white structure, it is very practical for isolating a bedroom from the bathroom area. A good way to both isolate and maintain certain privacy without losing brightness. The advantage of this system is that it is installed thanks to the pressurization by two low adjustable jacks which allows it to be fixed without drilling on the ground.

7 – The removable workshop partition

Making the choice of the screen in the spirit of the workshop is an idea that is similar to the removable partition while leaving, even more,

The removable workshop partition
Black screen type removable glass partition to delimit his entrance from the rest of his apartment

the possibility of moving it as desired. I find this idea so ingenious! In small apartments, it allows, for example, to isolate the office area, to work in peace, or quite simply to limit your entrance from the rest of your apartment.

8 – The removable acoustic partition

The removable acoustic partition
Removable acoustic partition green color design on foot to separate the office from the living room

With teleworking in effect for the past few months, you probably need, like me, to isolate yourself in peace to work in all serenity. Once again, I don’t embark on complicated fitting-out work, I choose a removable acoustic partition to protect myself from ambient noise and create a private space in a few moments with optimal working conditions. Easy to set up, most of the time on foot, this type of removable partition comes in elegant shapes and in a wide variety of colors. The only downside, no doubt, I will have to choose a quality product to have good sound insulation, the price may be higher than for a classic removable partition.

9 – The removable curtain wall

The removable curtain wall
Removable sheer partition to separate a parental bedroom from the sleeping area of ​​her baby

When you welcome your first child into your apartment, it is not uncommon to want to keep it very close to you, the first nights, the first months. So, I decided to transform my master bedroom into a parent/child bedroom using a system of extremely simple cables stretched between the two walls of the room to which I hang pretty sails in soft and pastel colors. Curtains are perfect for gently dividing the space without weighing it down or cluttering it up! Also, discover our guide to choosing the right curtains.

10 – The removable library partition

The removable library partition
Library half open half closed delimiting the space between the living room and the dining room

I have accumulated so many books over the past few years that if I had the option, I would definitely choose a bookcase type removable partition. This super original idea of ​​a library that will separate the interior space when you have a large living room, it gives me the opportunity to keep an eye on my books while enjoying my decor on both sides. of the room. For small budgets, I have a very simple tip: instead of the sometimes expensive traditional library, you can simply choose a bottomless piece of furniture, which you organize according to your books, your mood, and your deco.

11 – The Castorama removable partition

The Castorama removable partition
Full height white removable partition with square oak frame window and transparent plexiglass glass

At Castorama, I chose their brand new Alara modular partition system. The removable partition comes in different forms: full height, half-height, sliding, openwork… It is a system that allows to easily separate a room, practical and without installation constraints but above all fully customizable. Indeed, the installation is done by interlocking which makes the system robust and safe. Finally, I can paint the panels as I wish and optionally add windows, shelves, slatted panels, or even a cork bulletin board.

12 – The DIY removable partition wall

The DIY removable partition wall
DIY removable partition made using pallets

Can’t find the removable partition you need? Don’t panic, the trick is simply to make it yourself! Simple and efficient, I make my own removable partition. For less than fifty euros, there are a large number of ideas. A pretty macrame will make it possible to delimit a sleeping area from the rest of your studio, a small mottled secretary will create an office area, in the peace of the rest of the room.

And if you’re passionate about DIY like me, you just need to find a few pallets, to have in your tool cupboard: a saw, a sander, a hammer, and a brush. For the palettes, I choose untinted, stamped HT which proves that they are not harmful to health. They must be sanded, brushed, and cleaned with soapy water. Once they are completely dry, all that remains is to assemble them using nails or clamps. You can also paint and decorate them and why not add a system of wheels to move it even more easily.

13 – The Japanese partition

The Japanese partition
Japanese removable partition to separate the living room from the kitchen

Japanese movable partitions, sliding or not, are in the era. To give a Zen atmosphere to my interior, I choose these wooden or PVC panels, they are very light but yet very strong too. In solid panels or with small squares, I fix them directly to the ceiling. There are even kits ready to be assembled and which do not require the intervention of a technician for installation. The Japanese partition has the ability to elegantly dress the space, while remaining discreet. Many advantages and few disadvantages for this type of partition.

14 – The removable partition for the bedroom

The removable partition for the bedroom
Removable partition with adjustable cream slats to separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment

If I had the chance to live in a nice contemporary loft, I would have decided to install a removable partition with adjustable slats to separate the bedroom from the rest of my apartment. This type of partition is mainly used to filter light. Colorful, design, all in voluptuousness and delicacy, it has a more beautiful effect. However, this system offers very little privacy.

15 – The wooden claustra-type partition

The wooden claustra type partition
Removable wooden claustra type partition to delimit the space in a small bathroom

A strong trend in interior decoration: the use of wood! To delimit a space, to serve as a banister for a staircase, as shelves for a desk, wood is fashionable and it can be found everywhere. It is in the bathroom, me, that I find a place for him. Ingenious, easy to assemble, and economical, I use the wooden fencing to separate the bathroom from the master bedroom, the shower area from the wc area in a smaller bathroom. There is only one downside, the wood can be messy and age badly if it is not properly maintained.
I hope you are now ready and ready to embark on your apartment remodeling. Take advantage of the arrival of spring to move the furniture, reorganize your interior and let in the light. What’s your favorite removable partition? What is the partition that inspired you the most?

Of course, the time has come to ask the question of the budget. What is the price of a removable partition? The price will vary enormously depending on the style and type chosen, it takes on average between 200 and 300 € for a removable partition made up of two panels but as already mentioned previously, you will find some all ready to be installed for a hundred euros, notably at IKEA, Leroy Merlin, and Castorama. For households with a higher budget, you can also call on specialized companies or a carpenter.