Decorative Original Ideas to Hide Your Radiators

When I started looking for inspiration to hide my radiators two years ago, I realized that there were not many “turnkey” solutions to be able to meet my desires. Armed with patience, I then unearthed superb DIY ideas on Pinterest, not so complicated to achieve. Pine planks, cane, perforated grilles … with a little elbow grease and good tools, I realized that it was perfectly possible to make beautiful radiator covers yourself that would become, in addition, real occasional furniture and decorative items.

1 – A minimalist radiator cover

A minimalist radiator cover
Cleats to make a radiator cover (source: Coco L a pine Design )

Simple wooden battens painted in gray have made it possible to create a radiator cover that is as minimalist as it is designed. Ideal in a Scandinavian universe!

2 – A retro-inspired radiator cover

A retro inspired radiator cover
The elegance of the past with this retro-styled cane radiator cover (source: François et Moi )

With its ultra-trendy cane face and matte black paint, this radiator cover offers us a nice leap into the past. Associated with velvet and pretty golden pieces, it plunges us into a roaring twenties decor.

3 – Tone-on-tone radiator and wall

Tone on tone radiator and wall
This cast iron radiator is totally integrated into the decor (source: Atelier Syb )

In this old house, the cast iron radiator has been repainted in the same shade as the base of the wall. A wise choice of decorative paint.

4 – A cabinet-shaped radiator cover

A cabinet shaped radiator cover
A modern radiator cover that is easy to adopt at home

With its very simple design and white color, this radiator cover, which can be simply placed against the wall, is a real decorative ally. To be multiplied as needed in all rooms of the house.

5 – A bench radiator cover

A bench radiator cover
Wrap the radiator in an ultra-comfortable and cozy bench (source: Space Factory )

This is a great idea to optimize a recess near the window and, why not, create a reading or relaxation area. Once the radiator is installed in the base, all that remains is to build a wooden bench with a minimalist design around it. A custom-made cushion for comfort, and voila!

6 – A traditional and elegant radiator cover

A traditional and elegant radiator cover
A large radiator cover with a classic look

Large radiators can also camouflage themselves. The proof with this model imagined by Laura James in the traditional style.

7 – A shelf on the radiator

A shelf on the radiator
Install decoration on the shelf above the radiator (source: 18:39 )

To divert attention from what is hidden below, this is the whole point of installing a beautiful tablet above the radiator. Once filled with green plants and decorative objects, it blends into the decor.

8 – A caned radiator cover

A caned radiator cover
Cane and wooden planks to make a radiator cover (source: Brocante Lab )

Made-to-measure with simple wooden planks and a roll of natural cane, an essential and natural material, this radiator cover becomes an extra piece of furniture totally in trend. The most practical: its doors which allow easy access to the thermostat.

9 – A radiator cover integrated into the library

A radiator cover integrated into the library
A long radiator under the bookcase (source: Courtney Barton )

Installed directly in the custom-made library of this living room, the radiator goes completely unnoticed. Convenient, isn’t it?

10 – A radiator cover as a storage element

A radiator cover as a storage element
A hand-made radiator cover well integrated into the living room (source: Leroy Merlin )

To fully integrate this radiator cover into the decor, beautiful raw wood and painted white shelves have been installed at its sides. Once these beautifully decorated, it is completely forgotten.

11 – A natural wood radiator cover

A natural wood radiator cover
Bohemian look for this very discreet radiator cover

In a bohemian spirit, this natural wood radiator cover hangs on the wall with a simple fixing system.

12 – A DIY radiator cover in pallets

A DIY radiator cover in pallets
Use an old pallet to make a radiator cover (source: Fresh Idees )

Diverted in many ways, the vanes also lend themselves to the play of the radiator cover. We love this version in raw and well-patinated wood which gives character to this entrance halfway between Scandinavian and industrial style.

13 – A console above the radiator

A console above the radiator
A simple console can make the difference around the radiator (source: Savvy Heart )

In the living room, the dining room or the entrance, you can also have a pretty console adapted to the dimensions of your radiator.

14 – An offset radiator cover pegboard style

An offset radiator cover pegboard style
A perforated pegboard-style radiator cover (source: Planète Déco )

Very fashionable, perforated panels, also called pegboards, seem to have inspired the creator of this blond wood radiator cover decorated with holes. The latter gives a nice dose of personality to the room.

15 – A pine plank radiator cover

A pine plank radiator cover
A DIY radiator cover made of wood planks (source: Pinterest )

Easy to make for DIY enthusiasts, this raw pine plank radiator cover plays on refinement and elegance. It can be placed under a window as well as against a solid wall. To decorate with a few decorative objects with simple lines and green plants.

If you were tired of having your radiators in front of you in the living room, bedroom, or entrance hall, here are several solutions available to you to make their presence a real decorative asset. In a kit or tailor-made, all you have to do is decide on the model that is most in tune with your interior.

What are the different ways to hide your radiator?

By painting it tone on tone with the wall, by decorating it with a shelf on which we will have a nice selection of decorative objects, or by concealing it in a piece of furniture. Homemade or bought in stores, the latter can be designed in different materials: caning, wooden battens, upcycled pallets, etc.

What are the ideal dimensions for a radiator cover?

Start by measuring the radiator, then add 10cm at the height level, 10cm at the depth level, and finally 20cm at the width level. It is important that the radiator cover does not completely follow the radiator because the heat must be able to circulate, so prefer a model that respects these distances.

What are the best-fixing systems for a radiator cover?

For “turnkey” models, a system of clips, magnets or wall brackets is generally supplied. All you have to do is comply with the procedure. For DIY models, you can perfectly put your radiator cover on the floor by fixing it to the wall with simple clips so that you can remove the formwork if necessary, to access the thermostat for example.