decorated bedroom

They are like a large mirror, changing and with four sides. Everything they reflect defines you. You cannot hide your true essence if you are among them, because they already know it perfectly.

Don’t you know what I’m talking about? They are the walls of your bedroom, the ones that see you sleep and have seen you grow. In which you express your tastes, your hobbies, your fears, and your most characteristic features. If you are optimistic, your walls will be too. If you like soccer, your walls will tell to you.

Do not resist and let the walls of your bedroom express who you are. But, yes, do it with taste and following the best tips when decorating the walls of any room. Only then will you be able to get the most out of them.

You won’t want to be anywhere else!

1. Use mirrors to decorate and gain space

Use mirrors to decorate and gain space

Whether you want to give a bigger and brighter appearance to your room, or if what you want is to simply decorate its walls in an original way, the placement of mirrors is a very good option.

There are them with really original frames, and you can combine those that have different shapes, sizes, and colors to get a really interesting result. Or, simply place multiple mirrors in strategic locations to make the bedroom brighter and appear more spacious.

Also, don’t forget that it is in the bedroom where you get dressed every morning. Being able to look at yourself from various points of view can be very useful.

2. Fill your walls with photos

Fill your walls with photos

There is nothing better than placing your favorite photos on the wall of your bedroom to always keep in mind those unforgettable moments or those incredible trips. In addition to permanently reminding you of those wonderful experiences, they also serve to decorate, and it is not necessary to complicate too much.

If you do not want to frame and hang your photographs, you can choose to distribute them along with one of the bedroom walls with the help of a rope and several clips. It will be super original!

And, if we talk about children’s rooms, a nice idea is to place photographs of the children in chronological order, so that their evolution and how they are growing can be perceived.

3. An art gallery in your bedroom

An art gallery in your bedroom

If you like art, or you just enjoy looking at beautiful things, choose to hang different pictures on the walls of your double bedroom.

The options are endless and the combinations you can create have only one limit: the space available in your room. Mix illustrations, contemporary works, and abstract art, or focus on a single style.

Another option is to place a single large-format painting, which presides over the entire room. Whichever alternative you choose, you must always be sure that the motif of the paintings you choose is really to your liking. Otherwise, you will get tired in no time.

4. Combine intense colors on the walls

Combine intense colors on the walls

Sometimes the solution is in the simplest option. When decorating the bedroom walls, we always think about using objects or installing different elements, but simply by making good use of the colors on the walls, we can achieve an equally effective result.

And it is that the most intense colors can make a double bedroom no longer need anything, beyond combining those dark tones with others, through different textiles or even through furniture. The simple contrast that will be generated between the elements is more than enough to decorate a room with style.

5. The originality of the wallpaper

The originality of the wallpaper

Wallpaper is also a simple and effective solution, very simple to carry out and that adds a very original touch to any double room. It will be enough to choose a design that you like (nature, drawings, geometric shapes …) and cover one of the bedroom walls with it.

In this way, you will be able to give your bedroom a very personal touch, and you can do it for very little since this solution is usually very economical. Its great advantage, in addition, is that you can change one wallpaper for another when you need it, without too much effort.

6. Vinyls bring freshness

Vinyls bring freshness

Another way to personalize the walls of your room is through vinyls. As with wallpaper, they stick to the wall in a very simple way and can offer a very original room as a result.

The vinyls are very easy to use, they do not stain and do not leave any traces. They also allow a high degree of customization. For example, if you like animals, you can use a herd of birds; if you love music, write your favorite melody; And, if you want to be even more creative, paste a phrase that means a lot to you.

7. Dare with the exposed brick

Dare with the exposed brick

Do you want to give a totally different look to your bedroom? Choose to take advantage of the brickwork behind one of the walls to create a really impressive contrast. You will not need many more elements on that side of the bedroom to capture all the attention and receive all the eyes.

8. Wood, also on the walls

Wood also on the walls

Wood does not have to be reserved only for furniture or for the parquet that we place on the floor. We can also cover the walls of our bedroom with this precious and natural material.

Wood in its softest hue combined with pastel-colored textiles or accessories gives the room a very relaxing aura. If you prefer, you can also decorate your walls with darker wood paneling, if what you want to achieve is a much more rustic effect.

9. Get an industrial look with concrete cladding

Get an industrial look with concrete cladding

Another of the coatings with which you can completely change the aesthetics of a room is concrete.

Although it may seem like a very cold material, the growing success of industrial decoration shows that, well combined, concrete is a material with a lot of potentials. In addition, to achieve a somewhat finer and more elegant aesthetic, you can resort to micro cement.

Counteract its gray hue with very vivid colors, if you want to get a much more cheerful appearance. And, incidentally, take risks with integrated lighting for an even more original result.

10. Walls in relief to play with the light

Walls in relief to play with the light

If you want to have a bedroom whose appearance changes from night to day or depending on the lights that are on in the room, what you should do is install walls in relief or with different textures. Thus, the room will change radically each time you enter it.

Some ideas are geometric shapes or curved lines, but the possibilities are many more. Normally, these shapes are achieved thanks to a special wallpaper, which can be easily installed on the wall of the bedroom of your choice, which is usually the one behind the bed.

Of course, keep in mind that the room must be quite large if you do not want a feeling of overwhelm or lack of space to be created.

11. Plant a (vertical) garden in your bedroom

Plant a vertical garden in your bedroom

If you like plants and flowers, why not also have them on the walls of your double bedroom? Whether natural or artificial, their presence brings a freshness to the room that it would be a mistake to waste.

There are several different structures that can be hung on the wall and filled with plants of different kinds, but there are also other more discreet solutions if the wall is not very large.

Ropes that hang from a hook or really spectacular pots, you just have to opt for one or more shapes and start filling your bedroom with life.

12. Place shelves or shelves to display your favorite objects

Place shelves or shelves to display your favorite objects

If you like books or have a very precious collection (medals, cars, dolls), an original option is to place several shelves on one of the walls of the room and fill them with your things. Thus, in addition to displaying them and giving a very personal touch to your bedroom, you can always keep them in the same place.

Of course, you have several options. You can choose to buy and install the shelves on the wall, or take advantage of the structure and design work shelves, a somewhat more complex but much more elegant option.

13. The great functionality of the low walls

The great functionality of the low walls

Also as part of the original design of the room, walls can be designed and built, which can act as headboards but providing a cleaner and more modern image.

If you dare to have a wall in your bedroom, you will be creating an ideal space to leave your things, as if it were a bedside table. Or you can also fill it with plants, photographs or small paintings. The options are many!

14. You live in the country? Install a mosquito net

You live in the country Install a mosquito net

It is a very practical option if you live in places where flies and mosquitoes proliferate, but it can also look very good in any bedroom, even if this problem does not exist.

The mosquito nets are installed on the ceiling and fall covering the entire width of the bed, thus providing an aesthetic that dominates the entire bedroom, eliminating the need to place more decorative elements in the room.

Just with the installation of the mosquito net, a romantic and charming air will be achieved, while we will protect ourselves from mosquitoes at night.

15. What if you have a television on the bedroom wall?

What if you have a television on the bedroom wall

If you have decided to install a television in your double bedroom, but you do not want it to attract too much attention or to detract from the important elements of the decoration, you can camouflage it or embed it in the furniture. There are also those who choose to hide it in the closet, but for this, it must be large.

In any case, and even if you decide to install it directly on the wall, you should pay attention to its correct placement. Most of the time the television will be used while lying in bed. Therefore, it should be placed higher than in the living room, and, if possible, slightly inclined downwards.

Specifically, it is recommended to place it with its center about 20 centimeters above our eyes, always depending on whether or not cushions will be used to see it.


As you have seen, the options for decorating the bedroom walls are many and varied. Always taking into account your tastes and your preferences, you can choose between more or less natural and more or less impressive options.

Of course, you should always take into account both the dimensions of the room and who is going to use it, to fully adopt the elements that you are going to include or the changes that you are going to make in the room.

And, in any case, it is always best to give your most personal touch to the decoration of the bedroom walls, so that, whichever option you choose, it can last over time without problems.