ways to decorate kitchen with plants

A kitchen can be cold and impersonal. To avoid this, many people turn to elements that fill them with life and give them originality and freshness. If you want your kitchen to become one of the most welcoming rooms in your home, you should continue reading.

In this article, we are going to give you the keys to decorate your kitchen with plants, one of those elements that will make your kitchen never go unnoticed again.

Take note of these tips and bring your kitchen to life!

1. Country plants for a vintage-style kitchen

Country plants for a vintage style kitchen

If you especially like vintage style when decorating your home, the kitchen should be no exception. You can enhance that decorative style by placing natural plants from the countryside in your kitchen. We are talking about traditional margaritas, lavender, or thyme.

In case their appearance and the appearance that they will give to your kitchen are not enough, the aroma that they will give off will convince you. Remember, also, that unlike what happens with the minimalist style, in this case, more is more. So don’t hesitate when it comes to placing more than one pot and several different types of plants in your kitchen.

2. Take advantage of the wall if there is not much space in your kitchen

Take advantage of the wall if there is not much space in your kitchen

Who said plants could only look good in pots? Today, it is common for kitchens to not be too large or to fill with so much that there is almost no free space on the countertops. It is in these cases that placing plants on the walls can become a great idea.

How to do it? There are several options. For example, you can install some small shelves on the wall or the front of your kitchen, and put wooden boxes with small plants inside. On the other hand, you can put several hooks on the wall and hang glass jars or baskets with your plants from them.

3. The windowsill is also a good place for plants

The windowsill is also a good place for plants

One of the places in the kitchen that often goes unnoticed is the windowsill. You may not even be aware of its existence, but there it is. Why not use it to place a few pots with plants, adapted to its size? It is an ideal place because they will also receive natural light practically throughout the day.

Of course, make sure that there is no risk of the pots falling. To avoid possible upsets, it is best to follow this advice if you live on the ground floor, or if your window sill is inside your kitchen.

4. Be even more original by hanging your plants from the ceiling

Be even more original by hanging your plants from the ceiling

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion of the option of hanging plants, but you have rarely associated it with the kitchen. Well, this room in the house can also offer that original touch that this element can provide.

The most commonly used mechanism in these cases is the one that consists of suspending a simple shelf from the ceiling, with the help of a rope, and placing a not too heavy pot on it. But you can also do without the shelf and hang only the macerator. The lightness that it will transmit to your kitchen will be similar to the surprise that your guests will show when they see it.

But, without a doubt, if you want to go one step further, what you should do is join the trend of hanging plants from the ceiling of your kitchen, but in reverse.

5. Do you like DIY? Play with objects and materials without limits

Play with objects and materials without limits

As in any other room in the house, when decorating the limits only your imagination marks them. With a little creativity and skill, it is possible to create original flowerpots or special places destined to place all your favorite plants.

Among all the possibilities that DIY offers, you can use pallets as planters (which will give your kitchen a very rustic air ) or choose to use a stool with various heights or a small wooden ladder to simulate a small indoor garden.

6. Separate spaces with large plants

Separate spaces with large plants

Like auxiliary furniture, plants can also be used to separate two spaces within the same room. In the case of the kitchen, if it is very large it is possible that one area is used for cooking, another exclusively for storing fruits and vegetables, and a different one for sitting at the table.

An original way of marking the difference between the different areas of the kitchen, depending on the use, is by placing a few plants on the edge. You decide what type and size they should be, always taking into account the rest of the decoration and the available space. And, of course, make sure that when placing them they do not get in the way.

7. Plant a small spice garden in your kitchen

Plant a small spice garden in your kitchen

Do you like spices and do you use them frequently when cooking? So, decorating your kitchen with aromatic plants is the best alternative for you. On the one hand, you will be giving a little more life to the kitchen and, on the other, you will have your favorite spices very close and, also, in their most natural format.

If you dare to get creative, you can even design a spice wall. We are talking about a piece of your kitchen wall that you could fill with your favorite spices, planted in small pots, and with your name next to it. Basil, thyme, peppermint, parsley … They will look great and give off incredible aromas!

8. Use modules or special cultivation solutions

Use modules or special cultivation solutions

If you are used to having plants in other rooms of the house or in the garden, you will know that they need a lot of care. It is not enough just to water them from time to time. Thinking about it, many specialized stores have created special solutions so that you can take care of your plants much more easily.

These solutions, ranging from trays to large structures, through adjustable modules, have everything your plants need to grow healthy. In addition, they will give your kitchen an air of sophistication that you would not get with a simple planter.

9. Take advantage of the corners and fill them with plants

Take advantage of the corners and fill them with plantsv

In houses, there are countless wasted corners or corners, and the kitchen is no exception. You may think that in your kitchen there is not enough space to place plants, but if you pay attention to that bland and forgotten space you will surely change your mind.

You have several options to bring some joy to that unused corner. Set up a tall plant with a pretty planter, or put several smaller ones on a discreet corner cabinet. You will see how the room changes radically and offers a much more pleasant appearance.

10. Fill your kitchen with pretty vases

Fill your kitchen with pretty vases

Plants don’t always have to get all the attention. In your kitchen, the vases or pots that you use to plant them can also stand out. To do this, you just have to choose the most striking designs, the largest sizes, or the most original shapes. The plants you decide to place in them will be the least of it.

11. Don’t you want worries? Opt for cacti

Opt for cacti

Cacti are highly resistant plants that do not need a lot of water and are able to survive in low amounts of sunlight. Although it will always be better to give your plants all the attention they need, with the cactus you will not have to worry about those little mistakes that can always happen.

In addition, you can choose cacti of various types and in various sizes. For small kitchens, miniature cacti are ideal, while for larger spaces the possibilities are wider.

12. If you are looking for substitutes, choose pictures or artificial plants

If you are looking for substitutes choose pictures or artificial plants

Either because you have shown not to have much ability to take good care of plants, or because you consider that your kitchen is not suitable to house them, you can resort to other options. The most obvious are artificial plants. There are some really identical to their originals, with the difference that they do not require any type of care and that they last a lifetime.

On the other hand, something that can give you very good results is hanging pictures of brightly colored plants in your kitchen. You will not have plants nearby, but the feeling will be very similar.

13. Do you have a table in the kitchen? Place plants in the center

Do you have a table in the kitchen Place plants in the center

Finally, we do not want to stop commenting on another of the places where a plant can look very good: the center of the table. If you are lucky enough to have enough space to have a table in the kitchen, one option is to place a vase with your favorite plants in the center.

If the table is large, you will not have to move them every time you sit down to eat. And, if it is something smaller, it will be enough for you to find an alternative place in which to place the planter at those specific moments.


As you have seen, having plants in the kitchen is not something that can only be done if you have a lot of space. Also in small kitchens, it is possible to decorate unused corners or walls with plants. In addition, you can adapt the type of plant and its size to the conditions of your kitchen and the available space.

The important thing is that you can enjoy the wonderful effect of decorating the kitchen with plants. These elements bring vitality and freshness to any place in the house, and the kitchen does not have to be less.