Decorating Ideas for an Ideal Bathroom

Taking care of yourself has never been more important; so devoting yourself to it in a stylish and well-organized space is sure to put a smile on your face, both at the start and at the end of the day. Decorate your bathroom to your taste, make it practical and pleasant on a daily basis, by following our 10 favorite tips.

Whether small or spacious, whether you own or rent it, a single person, a couple or a family: the bathroom has a lot to offer! It deserves to be developed and enhanced. In 10 inspirations, and just as many good decor and storage ideas, we will help you create your ideal water feature. If you are moving in or if you want to embark on some renovation work in your home, the goal is to design a clean and dapper bathroom, a convenient place for express morning showers and a place of well-being when you have more time.

1 – A modern bathroom reclaimed

A modern bathroom reclaimed
A large bathroom whose trendy decor can be adapted to a narrower room (source: Castorama )

What cachet! The classic and the industrial blend here perfectly. With large-format white metro tiles on the walls, like those found at As de Tiles, black & white cement tiles on the floor, and the classic black and white duo distributed in a balanced way between the ceiling, the shower accessories, the heated towel rail… and the decor. The mottled and raw washbasin cabinet is highlighted by its green color, which revives the entire decoration.

The good idea: Drawers-shelves and unhooked under the ceiling

The good idea Drawers shelves and unhooked under the ceiling
Check out to invent decorative & storage solutions in your bathroom (source: Castorama )

To keep the space uncluttered, opt for a single industrial wardrobe, like this La Redoute model. Play on the tips: the wall recess under the ceiling serves as a long wall shelf – well done! And the reclaimed chest of drawers, repainted in the same shade as the washbasin cabinet, keep everyday care products close at hand.

2 – A cocooning bathroom-cabin

A cocooning bathroom cabin
The bathroom like a house in the house (source: Delpha )

Too bland, the pink and blue? This arrangement proves that the association can nevertheless have style. In fact, it is the combination of amber orange, and pastel pink with a muted blue and gray-beiges that brightens the bathroom. On the structure side, the shape of the ridge is underlined by geometric lines like those of the triangular patterned carpet, ultra-trendy again this season. Everything has been designed so that this small room is spacious and comfortable: plan with offset washbasin suspended furniture, sloping shower.

The good idea: The “sit-stand” dressing table

The good idea The sit stand dressing table
The dressing table is again very trendy in the bathroom (or in the bedroom). It comes in many styles, here modern and space saving (source: Delpha )

The dressing table area is designed to be used either standing or seated. It consists of both a horizontal niche which serves as storage and as a laying area; and an open half-column. You will see it in the different ideas that we offer you here: the wall base is very trendy in the bathroom. Here, it is delimited with a golden strip, as for the decoration of a living room.

3 – An exotic shower room

An exotic shower room
Like an outdoor bathroom … We love the combination of wood and the foliage effect. Even small, it seems spacious.

Ready for a tropical shower ?! The desires of escape, travel, nature can materialize in the bathroom. Integrate foliage and green plants, wood, warm colors, tiling that evokes moucharabieh… We like the Jungle green mosaic by Barwolf. For the shower, look at the c removed from Bosnor.

The good idea: plants in the bathroom

The good idea plants in the bathroom
Succulents, chlorophytums, pothos, ferns or even kentia are plants that adapt well in a bathroom (source: Cedeo )

The green color and patterns evoking lush nature already create a completely rejuvenating outdoor atmosphere. More specifically, genuine green plants are beneficial and play a key role in your well-being.

We also like: The panoramic forest wallpaper

We also like The panoramic forest wallpaper
A magnificent combination of colors in green-earth-white-black, for a well-balanced bathroom decor

Yes, wallpaper can be an integral part of the bathroom renovation. It allows here to benefit from a beneficial view of a forest at eye level. This ‘horizon’ effect is achieved through the installation of a border – another way of creating a wall base, here in powdered pastel pink. Of course, the floor and the furniture are made of wood, to stay in the theme. And to add a touch of originality: two kokedamas in the shower. So pretty! Muraem, for example, offers water-repellent wallpapers for water features.

4 – A bathroom that is soft and invigorating at the same time, in terracotta Unlike the traditional white and blue, the terracotta color brings warmth to the water feature

A bathroom that is soft and invigorating at the same time in terracotta
Unlike the traditional white and blue, the terracotta color brings warmth to the water feature (source: Kinedo )

Let’s bring in the terracotta without the bathroom. This key shade of the bohemian atmosphere, and star of the 2021 trendy colors, brings a warm and soft sunshine – a softness that can be found in the curved lines of the freestanding bathtub and in the parquet. Arranging your bathroom as a small relaxation room is a big trend for couples and singles.

The good idea: niches as discreet and decorative storage

The big current trend in renovation: integrated wall niches. They give rhythm and air to the room, and their space-saving effect is undeniable, one of the many storage tips that we have listed for you. In a bathroom, you can dedicate one to Madame, the other to Monsieur.

5 – A cabin bathroom with sliding doors

A cabin bathroom with sliding doors
A super discreet bathroom!

Optimized as desired, this mini-bathroom space includes the shower corner on the left, the WC on the right, and the vanity unit in the center. The round mirror, a must-have in modern bathrooms, finds a discreet echo in the handles of the shutter closures. Picpus, Decotec cabinet, small in size and therefore ideal for small spaces of 2 to 3 m 2 – its basin is nevertheless generous and available in 31 finishes. We love vertical metro tiles: this yellow wakes you up and makes you smile!

Another idea: The industrial cabin ‘black & white

Another idea The industrial cabin black white
Opt for the glass door if you prefer to create an impression of space (source: Decotec )

Metro tiles, cement tiles on the floor and glass door: a few square meters are enough and there is even a bathtub in this charming XS bathroom. Here is the second example of a successful cabin bathroom, adjoining the master bedroom. In both cases, the door allows both real privacy and separation of areas.

6 – A fresh and young bathroom: fluorescent!

A fresh and young bathroom fluorescent
A super designer and affordable bathroom (source: Tarkett )

Fresh and ingenious, this small bathroom for a student or a young couple is built under the roof: as for the cabin-cocooning bathroom (point 2), the shower fits under the slope, but it is long enough and spacious. On the floor, a black marble print lino is practical, pleasant to the touch and easy to install. And then it is the fluorescent coral color that wakes up the room: it is applied to the made-to-measure washbasin cabinet, to a section of wall housing a bench, and… at the level of the tile joints.

The good idea: colored tile joints

The good idea colored tile joints
The red color code in the decoration awakens an impersonal atmosphere: joints, bath curtain and bathroom linen echo each other (source: IKEA )

There are alternatives to white or sand-coloured joints, often chosen to harmonize the whole. To create an original effect and at a lower cost, opt for a square white tile – the simplest model there is, and grout in color, with these products offered by As de Tiles for example, in order to create contrast. Here you have an example in neon coral, and another in red: it is also possible in blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, and even black. Of course, accessories can play a part: shower curtains in the same tones, bath linen, and even hygiene products… Have fun going into the details.

7 – A retro-reclaimed bathroom so girly

A retro reclaimed bathroom so girly
China to give a vintage air to the bathroom (source: Castorama )

In rental, the possibilities of renovation on the existing one are reduced. However, there are simple solutions that make it possible to embellish the space: on a mat background of grey-taupe square tiles and white furniture, play the card of vintage decoration. Among the quick and minimally invasive decorating tips, the introduction of a small folding garden table, and its matching chair: here is a charming dressing table. Add a compilation of small old mirrors, a few touches of old rose, a bouquet of dried flowers, homeware in the tones of the room, a washed linen curtain to hide the storage spaces… There you go!

The good idea: A DIY nature jewellery holder

The good idea A DIY nature jewelry holder
An easy DIY to hang your necklaces, bracelets and earrings within reach (source: Castorama )

A thick branch picked up during a walk in the forest, a few J-shaped hooks: enough to display your jewellery, keeping them close at hand. We like the diversion of suspended plant pots to place hair accessories or earrings for example. It’s up to you to create your personalized nature decoration!

8 – A marble-print bathroom

A marble print bathroom
A bathroom like in a hotel, between design and light

It creates a luxurious atmosphere while remaining close to the legendary white tiles of the water feature – a symbol of purity and cleanliness: the XL marble tile is a strong trend and goes perfectly with the wood effect tiles: it is a duo to also realize in the shower cabin, in all sobriety and elegance.

The good idea: the green & marble duo

The good idea the green marble duo
Introduction of a ‘wave’ effect movement, on the bath side, with tiling in broken stick (or ‘chevrons’) installation (source: VitrA )

Want to bring some color? Green and marble match well! The herringbone installation of the intense green tiling makes it possible to awaken the rhythm of the room, while all the rest of the decoration remains “classic chic”. It is also a nice way to define the bathtub space. The whole is particularly relaxing.

9 – A zen bathroom

A zen bathroom
Jungle chic print for a bathroom that invites relaxation (source: Acquabella )

To vary from the herringbone pose and give movement, discreetly, while having a very Zen atmosphere, the alternative is the free geometric line. The collection of extra-flat receivers like these Aquabella models sets the tone by offering large asymmetrical stripes – they are available in several colors (black, grey, terracotta, beige, green). The lines even continue their course on the walls, under the wall in a duo of greens. The suspended cabinet has a minimum footprint, for a fluid space.

The good idea: Natural light and green plants

We love the French window with a fixed leaf, which brings a lot of natural light, and allows the presence of hanging plants and in pots on the ground.

10 – A pink bathroom, trendy color

A pink bathroom trendy color
Satin atmosphere for this pink and black bathroom, modern elegance… (source: Mobalpa )

Pink is undoubtedly a big trend in the bathroom: cheerful and feminine, it can be declined in many shades, from pastel to fuchsia, including pink-orange coral. The total look is possible, but the marriage with another color is more recommended: with black, what elegance! They are the star couple of the year. In this bathroom, we also love the cut of the space, perfectly optimized, design and airy while being soft.

The good idea: Coral pink and white

The good idea Coral pink and white
Zellige and paint, what allure! (source: Archik )

White zelliges like these pieces offered by Leroy Merlin, and pink coral paint like the one offered by Deco Home, with just a touch of black at the level of the integrated taps… In this project, we love madly the alternation of matt and shiny, traditional and modern, curved and straight lines.

What styles do you like? And which model do you fall in love with? There are so many beautiful things to do in a bathroom. It is an increasingly decorated, magnified, well-thought-out room … Happy renovation!